Cheer Up The Lonely Day

There are many people out there struggling with their mental health, whether you know it or not, which is part of why Cheer Up The Lonely Day was started.

Life gets busy, and amongst the business of life we might forget to reach back out to that friend who texted us a week ago or we might forget that we made plans with our family a month ago. No matter how much time and effort you put into your relationships, there is always going to be some time that we wind up forgetting about or neglecting someone.

And that’s okay! As long as it is not intentional, there should never be any hard feelings between people.

However, Cheer Up The Lonely Day is a great reminder that we should all call up that friend or reach out to that family member and spend some time with them.

As the population has risen over time, so has the loneliness rate, and this day is just one of many efforts out there that work to combat loneliness. The past couple years with COVID restrictions have certainly not helped the loneliness rate, as anxiety and depression has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic.

So, now that we know this day exists and that people are seemingly getting lonelier over time, how do we solve this issue? Well, we’ve come up with a list of a couple courses of action you can take to cheer someone up.

Visit an animal shelter

Pets have a special ability to lower stress levels, combat depression, reduce anxiety and curb loneliness. So yes, even though you likely would not be taking any of these furry creatures home with you, just going to a shelter and petting some cats and dogs can help cheer someone up.

Hug someone

We have mentioned the term oxytocin before and we are mentioning it again, but that is because it is a feel-good hormone that is released during a hug, helping people who feel alone feel a lot less alone.lonely walk

Do a good deed

When you get out there and help others in need, it makes you feel alive and gives you a sense of feeling good. When you take a friend with you and you do it together, it can really help you feel better, no matter how down and out you get.

Get out in nature

Just simply going outside and enjoying the natural environment all around you can help cheer people up significantly.

Get them a My FrontPage Story

Our stories have a tendency to remind people of what they mean to others, so help cheer them up by encouraging them with their very own story.

Hear them out

Sometimes, people who are feeling down just need someone to talk to. Sometimes, by simply sitting there and listening to them while showing empathy can do the trick.

Do what they enjoy

There are some people out there who feel like they do not ever get to do what they want. You can help change that.

Don’t brag

A lot of times, people who are feeling lonely are feeling that way because they think they are missing out. When you talk about your accomplishments or the fun things you have been doing recently, it can do more harm than good.

At the end of the day, each person has their own way of coping with loneliness, and there is not always one clear-cut thing that is going to cheer them up. All we can do is make sure they know we are there for them, so on Cheer Up the Lonely Day, make sure you reach out to those people in your life who you know are struggling. It could mean a world of difference.

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