Pure Inspiration: Kristin Thompson is a beautiful, passionate and relentless goal-oriented woman with an incredible personality

Kristin Thompson is not one to go down without a fight.

Growing up, she had to learn quickly how to be independent and self-reliant. As a teenager, she was helping take care of her little sister. This experience taught her many life decisions early on. Now, she is raising a family of her own, and she means everything and then some to them.

“She’s our whole world in our house,” Kristin’s husband, Lee, said. “We couldn’t do it without her. She is the glue that holds us together.”

Kristin is always there for her family, and she truly helps keep the house running.

She is a great woman, and everyone truly admires her for who she is. Kristin is very humble, and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is also quick-witted, has a contagious laugh, and is passionate about everything and everyone, especially with her job and her kids.

“I admire everything about my daughter,” Kristin’s mom, Jackie, said. I can’t think of anything that I could say she needs improvement upon. She is loving, caring, independent and resilient. You can knock her over but she won’t stay down. She is beautiful physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m incredibly proud of her. I love her.”

Kristin is a lower-education teacher, and she makes an impact on all of the students she teaches. They remember her for years after she is done teaching them, as she invests time and effort into their lives.

“She truly cares about the kids and their success,” Lee said. “She looks after them as if they were her kids. She does everything with the mindset of having the best interest in the kids, and she is very much a mother figure in that way. People will run up to her after graduation and tell her she is the best teacher they ever had, even after all those years.”

Kristin has even won teacher of the year, as the students she teaches never forget about her. She does not like being the center of attention, but everyone loves her, and she is just an amazing person.

Kristin not only teaches inside the classroom, but outside as well. She invests time and effort into her own family and teaches them lessons on a daily basis, whether she realizes it or not.

“She has taught me to live by doing the next right thing,” Jackie said. “Don’t keep anything inside to fester. She communicates, and her honesty is sacred. Kristin is always available for a reality check.”

Kristin is not afraid to give it to you straight. She wants to see people succeed in life, and she tries to avoid sugar coating things that do not need sugar coated.

Kristin is always there for her family, especially her kids. They love her for that, and the people around her notice the way she is with her children.

“She loves her babies…even though they aren’t babies anymore,” Kristin’s best friend, Kristy Walsh, said. “She has empathy for what they might be going through. She talks to them. She hears them. She lets them make mistakes because they will learn from them.”

Kristin did not have the easiest childhood growing up. However, as a result she can recognize the warning signs of life and is in a better position to determine the things she does want or not want for her kids. Her individual obstacles and struggles have made her stronger and more confident.

She channels her experiences so that she does not have to see her kids go through the struggles she dealt with, but encourages them to learn from life experiences. Life is a “balance beam.” It is a difficult line to walk sometimes, but Kristin has a strong grip on what is a life lesson and what is something her kids should not have to deal with.

“Kristin recently went back and received her second master’s in education,” Lee said. “She continues to lead by example and is a great role model for our kids.”

Kristin cares so much about her kids, and she wants to see them have amazing childhoods.

“Her heart and caring and compassion with the kids really makes her stick out as a mother,” Lee said. “She doesn’t let them fail, but instead takes every moment and turns it into a teaching moment for them. She gives our kids experiences more than gifts, and she wants them to have a childhood that was better than we experienced growing up. She works hard to be successful, both as a mom and in everything else in life.”

The impact Kristin makes on those around her everyday are immeasurable. The friends she makes in life quickly become family. She values her friendships and works hard to make each one worthwhile, so she is devoted to everyone around her.

“She’s fun! Kristin and Lee are always up for a good time,” Kristy said. “When we first started working together, we would meet for happy hour with our fellow teachers. When we both became pregnant at the same time, we were able to share our pregnancy worries and excitement. Having babies together brought us closer and led us to become ‘family.’ I’m happy to say she’s my best friend!”

Kristin and Kristy are always there for each other, and they have each others’ backs. They love working together, and they cannot wait to see their kids continue to grow up together.

Beyond that, Kristin and Lee are always there for each other as well. They are two peas in a pod who honor each other daily and have a mutual respect for one another. They have an equal understanding of each other and an unmatched love for their kids, and at the end of the day they are able to compromise where compromise is needed.

“I wish them the best forever,” Jackie said.

They love having a good time, and they love getting to spend life together. Lee loves his wife more than anything, and he cannot wait to spend the next 15-plus years with the love of his life.

“I wish she could see how truly beautiful she is inside and out through my eyes,” Lee said. “She is my best friend, the mother of my children, an amazing mother, teacher, runner and overall person. She is relentless in her pursuit of her goals. I love her so very much. I would be lost and broken without her. She is my inspiration, my motivator & partner. I love you, Kristin. Happy Anniversary!”

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