Five Wonderful Years: Allie and Brian Cebulko are celebrating five years of marriage and memories

Allie and Brian Cebulko first met while studying Pharmacy at Wilkes University, and it wasn’t until their fourth year that they started dating. They spent their first two years together and their third year in a long distance relationship, which made them inseparable, and their love has never faded.

“The week before I asked Allie to marry me, we had taken a trip to Cancun,” Brian said. “On this trip I had arranged for a candle lit dinner on the beach and Allie was fully expecting me to propose. Near the end of the dinner, it was evident there would be no proposal and Allie started crying and stated I missed a beautiful opportunity. Little did she know, the next weekend I would be asking her in front of both our families. She later agreed; with our families was the better option.”

Brian and Allie got married on October 8, 2016, where they had a beautiful service in Allie’s hometown of Sayre, Pennsylvania, with a reception at The McKinley in Binghamton, New York, where guests danced the night away. Allie and Brian traveled to Italy for their honeymoon the next morning, where they blessed their wedding bands in the holy water at Saint Peter’s Cathedral and ate their way through Florence and Venice. They then spent a long weekend relaxing in the Dominican.

Since then, Allie has spent five years working in the hospital and excelled in critical care pharmacy, where she had a passion for inpatient acute care needs. It came as a surprise to everyone when she accepted a position in outpatient Neurology, but Allie wanted to put her family life first.

“Allie is passionate about everything she does, and she is one of the most caring individuals,” Brian said. “Allie enjoys doing nice things for people under the radar and without recognition. Allie is a fantastic mother and continues to put the family’s needs above her own. She is incredibly smart and absolutely beautiful.”

Family is Allie’s number one priority, no matter the situation, and that is one of the many reasons Brian fell in love with her. She is so compassionate and caring, and her family-first mentality has gotten her far in life. She has always gone out of her way to make others feel loved, and she has a strong bond with not only her own family, but with Brian’s as well.

Allie is an amazing mother to their furbaby, Riley, and their two-year-old daughter, Olivia Grace. They have a son on the way in November and Brian knows Allie would do anything and everything for their children.

“Allie will sacrifice her desires to make our daughter happy and enjoys the simplicity of seeing Olivia smile,” Brian said. “Allie is Olivia’s favorite person, and there is no one that can make Olivia laugh and feel loved like Allie. Allie is organized and always preparing for the next phase to ensure Olivia has what she needs to succeed. Allie has the mother’s intuition and always knows what Olivia needs or wants. Allie loves wholeheartedly and deeply cares for Olivia and our dog, Riley.”

Allie is such a selfless person, and Brian is very appreciative of this. She loves her family and everyone around her. She loves being comfortable at home with her little family, spending precious moments with them.

Allie also makes the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, and she enjoys cooking fancy dinners and entertaining guests. She is a people person in every way, and she is always ready for whatever life throws at her.

“I love how prepared Allie is for everything,” Brian said. “Allie thinks about all aspects and plans for all scenarios. I love how confident Allie is as a person and how respected she is. I love the morals she has in putting God and family first. I love that she is not a pushover and holds others accountable. I love the drive she has for her career and how incredibly smart she is. I love that she is the life of the party and enjoys having a good time with friends.”

Brian enjoys just being in the presence of his wife, and he is so glad he gets to do this life with her. The last five years of marriage have been the best years of his life, and he cannot wait to spend another five-plus decades with his love.

“No matter how difficult life may get or what obstacles are thrown our way, I will always be by your side and love you more and more every single day. Happy Anniversary, Allie!” – Brian

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