Football season being interrupted by a wedding?

There is no argument October is one of the best months for all sports fans.

The College Football Playoff race is heating up and conference games are in full effect.

The NFL season is in full force.

The MLB is headed toward the World Series.

The NHL and NBA seasons are kicking off.

NASCAR is even setting up for the Championship Race.

But what’s more for this busy month for sports fans? The leaves are beginning to fall off the trees and fall weather is perfect. It means there is one month until Thanksgiving and two months until Christmas.

Oh yeah, it also just so happens to be the most popular month to get married. October is the month with the highest number of weddings.

So, since you are too busy watching a plethora of sports while your spouse is planning your wedding, make it up to her by getting her the best wedding gift ever. At, we cannot guarantee we can help you get out of any argument or help you make up for every fight, but we can guarantee it might help. Your significant other will love the thoughtfulness of you having a story written for her, and they will love the fact that you remember every detail about them.

Also, we make a perfect gift for those who forget to order a story for the lovely couple they know that is getting married because you were too busy watching Cincinnati earn the number two spot in the AP Poll. Get started here and give yourself more time to watch the big games.

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