Rainen Tracy Dixon is being born into an extremely loving family

This Valentine’s Day has some extra special meaning for Jefferds and Kelsey Dixon. 

Not only are they excited to celebrate their enduring love for each other on February 14, but they are also counting down the days until a beautiful baby boy joins the Dixon family.

“It means the world to us to be able to become parents,” said Jefferds. “We both think we are pretty cool and together could raise a really cool kid.”

Jefferds and Kelsey already have a name selected for their soon-to-be newborn – Rainen Tracy Dixon. Rainen will be welcomed by a mom and dad that will embrace the fun challenge of letting their child be wild and explore the world, just like they did as kids.

“Kelsey and I both were a handful growing up and both of us are very funny,” Jefferds said. “We can’t wait to see how crazy this kid is going to be.”

Jefferds believes that Kelsey, in particular, will do an amazing job in her new role as a parent.

“Kelsey’s will power is going to make her a great mother,” said Jefferds. “She can and will do everything for those she loves. She’s going to be the best mom ever.”

Rainen will have a great example of a loving married couple with Jefferds and Kelsey. The two adore each other, and Jefferds still gets butterflies when he sees his wife walk into a room.

“She lights up the room when she walks in,” Jefferds said of Kelsey. “She’s the smartest person I know and the most beautiful. They say, ‘No one is perfect.’ Well, she’s the closest thing to it.”

Jefferds admires how Kelsey is incredibly caring and gives of her time to help others. Even before a need arises, Kelsey anticipates it and looks to solve it.

“She will do anything for you without you even having to ask,” said Jefferds. “She is so kind and thoughtful. She is always thinking of everyone else all the time and making sure that everyone is happy.”

A practical example that Jefferds points to is Kelsey doing his laundry for him. Kelsey may think it’s just a small act that does not matter, but Jefferds notices and is grateful for her doing it.

“She just started doing my laundry one day,” said Jefferds. “Now, I don’t even know how to turn on the washing machine.”

If Jefferds could remind Kelsey of one thing this Valentine’s Day, it’s that as they embark on this new journey of parenthood, he will go above and beyond to return the favors of her kindness.

“I will do everything I can to make Kelsey and Rainen happy,” said Jefferds. “I will always be there for both of them and give them everything I have to give. I can’t wait for a lifetime of laughs and shenanigans for our new family.”

Rainen Tracy Dixon

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