‘She’s Important’: Daisy walked into Shane’s life nine years ago, and it has been the best nine years of both their lives

Shane Sargent’s love for his wife is special.

He met Daisy when they were both in their early 20s, and nine years later the love is still just as fiery as ever. And that is all thanks to who Daisy is as both a wife and as a person in general.

“First and foremost she is my best friend,” Shane said. “We do everything together. We talk all day long. She is a friend; a wife; someone you can laugh with. She holds me accountable and makes me a better man. She keeps me in line. Overall she is a great person I can trust.”

Daisy’s loyalty is through the roof, and the way she is there for people at all costs is special. She is as selfless as they come, and that is one of the many reasons why Shane loves her so much.

He has also enjoyed seeing the way Daisy has shaped herself into being an amazing mother. She was a little scared at first, as most first-time moms are, but she turned into nothing short of an amazingly nurturing mother for their daughter.

“What makes her a wonderful mom is just the way she makes sure our daughter has everything she needs,” Shane said. “She is a mama bear. Daisy takes care of her. She corrects her when need be too.”

From buying their daughter things she may want to making sure she disciplines her when need be, Daisy makes sure her daughter is well taken care of.

Daisy also makes sure all the people in her circle of trust are taken care of. She holds her friends tight to the vest and is careful about who she lets in, and if you are a friend of Daisy’s then it is something that is earned.

Daisy makes any one of her family or friends feel like the most important person in the room too, and this ability to show complete genuineness is not something Shane or anyone else take for granted.

On top of this, Daisy’s overall personality is something that is truly remarkable. From her hardworking abilities to her ambition, there is nothing that is going to stop Daisy from accomplishing anything in life.

She makes the most of her life too, and this is something she is constantly reflecting upon.

“I love how we look back on our life and relationship,” Shane said. “We always have a good time together. We want to make most of life with memories, as we are not materialistic people.”

This includes taking trips to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Mexico and England, just to name a few. They love exploring new places and new cultures, but more importantly they cherish the time they get to spend with one another.

“I would like her to know that she is the most important person in my life who has made me a better person since meeting her. She always holds me accountable and pushes for me to never settle. She’s my best friend who I’ve created lifelong memories with, had ups and downs with and is the person I plan on being with for the rest of my life.” – Shane

‘She’s Important’: Daisy

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