‘Special Girl’: This is the way Emma Oliver’s family sees her, and it is easy to see why they speak so highly of her

The moment Shaun’s daughter Emma entered his life, it changed for the better. And he likes to believe that feeling reciprocates for Emma.

Shaun and Emma’s father-daughter relationship started off in a different way, as they met one another when Emma was 9 years old. However, in the time since, they have made a world of memories together, and Shaun has had the unique opportunity to learn from his amazing daughter.

“She’s so giving and caring,” Shaun said. “Her heart is just so big. She loves giving. If she sees you don’t have something that she has, she will give it to you. She gives in big ways. Emma is sentimental too. She will show you are the most important person to her. She will make it personal to you.”

Whether it’s friends, family or a complete stranger, Emma is the give-the-shirt-off-her-back type of person. She loves to love and she loves to be there for others, and that shows in the gifts that she has.

“Emma is very talented in terms of being creative,” Shaun said. “She can create things out of nothing. She can pick up a paintbrush and paint a masterpiece. She can create a short story out of nothing in a couple minutes.”

Shaun said what is special about these talents is the good Emma uses them for. If she sees someone having a bad day, week or month, Emma will sit down and write them a short story or paint them a picture that is truly meaningful to them. It will lift up their spirits and is something they don’t forget.

When you ask Emma’s family, they will tell you it comes as no surprise to them how loving and wonderful this teenage girl is. She is a truly remarkable and loving girl, and she is definitely one of a kind.

“From birth, Emma has been a beautiful, precious and special gift to our family,” her grandfather Richard said. “She is a kind, loving and caring person whom we are anxious to see blossom into a woman of the same caliber. Emma has demonstrated all the qualities necessary to achieve her life goals, and we are certain that she will.”

Anything Emma sets her mind to, everyone knows she will achieve. Her heart is so big and she has a world of untapped potential, and she is also very perseverant. Nothing in life can keep her down, and that is outright amazing for a girl her age.

“Our exquisitely marvelous, multifaceted adventurer is always up for creating, cooking and participating in life,” Emma’s grandmother Patricia said. “Don’t ever lose that spirit you have.”

Emma’s personality is so full of joy and she loves life, and the way she lives life to the max is something we can all learn a thing or two from.

Her treatment of others, her appreciation of different cultures and her fearlessness to try new things are also off the charts. Emma is a special girl who is going to grow into a special woman, just like her grandfather said, and her father and everyone else are grateful to be in her life.

“I want her to know that she has always been my heart and is still the best baby in the world.” – Shaun

‘Special Girl’: Emma Oliver

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