Remember the Vows: Lisa Ragland is a loyal daughter, wife and mom who has stuck by her family during the toughest and easiest times

When Lisa Ragland said, “In sickness and in health” to her husband, Eddie, on their wedding day, she truly meant it.

Last year, Eddie went through a bout with cancer, and Lisa was by his side every step of the way. She really took care of him every day and was his number one supporter. Eddie knows it would have been a struggle without her, and he appreciates everything his wife has done, and everything she will continue to do for him.

“She means the world to me! I didn’t come from a family like hers,” Eddie said. “She taught me how to not be selfish and really how to love others just by watching her every day.”

Eddie has learned a lot with Lisa by his side. From her helping him with his cancer battle, to her helping take care of Ed’s dad when he had to live with them, to her having to wear a mask upwards of 12 hours a day just to help her patients get through the challenging times of Covid, Lisa has always shown Eddie the importance of selflessness and the importance of family.

She is a mother of five children, and while it could get crazy at times when the kids were growing up, Lisa would not change that for the world. She is an amazing mother, and she taught her kids so many things they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

“I just admire the way she loves her family,” Eddie said. “The way she connects to all our children even though they are all so different, and the way she has taken care of her mom after her dad passed away. Her resolve when we have had crisis in the family is amazing.”

Lisa has a very giving personality and a servant’s heart. She is always helping take care of the ones that matter the most to her, and she would do anything for her family.

Her love and dedication can be tied back to her faith, as she has a strong walk with God. She loves going to church every Sunday, and she loves spreading God’s love to other people.

“She has a strong faith in God,” Eddie said. “I think that truly leads to her loving her family unconditionally. She also has an incredible work ethic. At her last job she called out sick once in 15 years.”

Lisa’s loyalty to her family and everything in between is awesome to see. There is one place where loyalty is a bit of a struggle, and that is when it comes to her favorite sports teams.

“She loves the Florida Gators and she has a crush on the Jacksonville Jaguars,” Eddie said. “If they could win a few games, it would be love again.”

It can be a struggle being a Jaguars fan, and understandably so. But if that is the only time Lisa struggles with loyalty and dedication, that truly speaks to her astonishing personality.

Eddie said that she was raised the right way and that Lisa’s parents are the most loving people he has ever known. That’s what makes her a great mom, a great planner and a great pharmacist. She is always there for everyone in her life, and she is devoted to her family and to God.

“I am very blessed to have been her husband for the best 34 years of my life,” Eddie said. “I want her to know how blessed our kids are to have such a great mom. I’m pretty sure God broke the mold when she was born. I have never known someone whose glass is as half full as hers. It’s probably the biggest glass in the world! She always sees the bright side to everything that happens. Her patience with everything is incredible. Happy Birthday Lisa!”

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