Sarah is the love of Kassidy’s life, and he feels so lucky to have her

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Kassidy Wilson loves his girlfriend, Sarah Miklavcic. He speaks very highly of her and is so appreciative of her, and he is definitely glad he has her on his side.

“She means everything to me,” Kassidy said. “She loves getting together with her family. Sarah brings us all closer together. She is an AMAZING cook and loves filling everyone’s bellies.”

One thing Sarah does particularly well is cook. She knows how to cook and she knows how to make people happy by filling their bellies. And this is something that Kassidy is very appreciative of, as he does not complain about having a girl who can cook.

But more than just being a star cook, Sarah is also an extraordinary woman. She is constantly thinking about other people and is always putting others first, and this is something that is truly remarkable.

It does not matter what is going on in her life either. Sarah is going to make sure her loved ones are taken care of before anything or anyone else. Including herself.

“No matter what is going on in her day, she will go about making other people’s days better,” Kassidy said. “One time she made her friend’s mom a cake for her birthday. She just goes above and beyond for people.”

This is one of the many things that drew Kassidy to his lovely girlfriend. She is a woman of great character who is full of compassion in her heart.

Her selflessness goes a long way in her job as well. Sarah is a developmental social worker who specializes in the handicap community. Kassidysays his girlfriend is the best DSW caregiver ever, and it is not even close.

“She’s always advocating for people at our job,” Kassidy said. “I know she is going to be a great mother just based on the way she supports Gabby. She gets up and gives every single day. Sarah wants to make things awesome for people. She does things very well.”

Sarah does what is good for others, and that is something that is special to see. She loves with all her heart, and you can tell she is 100 percent genuine at work.

She is also 100 percent genuine at home and with her family as well. Sarah is constantly doing what is best for the ones she loves, and she also just loves spending time with them. She cherishes all the moments she gets to spend with her family… in particular her nephews.

“If she hasn’t seen her family in a week, she has to see them,” Kassidy said. “Sarah will put things down to be there for them. She’s there for her nephews. We’ll take them out for dinner and a movie. She’s perfect that way with family.”

For this and many other reasons, as Kassidy mentioned before, he knows his girlfriend will one day make a great mother. The amount of compassion in her heart and the amount of nurturing she does will bode well for their future kids.

Sarah’s ability to teach others important life lessons will bode well too. She is something of a role model to Kassidy, and he is grateful for everything he learns from Sarah day in and day out.

“She’s taught me the way to communicate,” he said. “She’s good at expressing her feelings in a constructive way. She’s also good at diagnosing how to approach a hard conversation.”

There are so many things Sarah is capable of, and it is no wonder Kassidy loves her as much as he does.

He also loves her for all the things that stuck out to him about her from the moment he met her.

“I just realized how easygoing she is right off the bat,” Kassidy said. “She’s very quiet. She’s cool, calm and collected. She just seemed really easy to talk to. She made things easy. I was also attracted to her bleached blonde curly hair. I love her hair; I hope our kids have her hair.”

Kassidy loves so many other things about Sarah as well.

He is also looking forward to building a future together, as he knows she is the one for her. From buying a house where they can do house chores together to starting a family and having kids together, there is so much to look forward to.

When you are with someone as special as Sarah, you hold on to it and you do not take things for granted. This is exactly what Kassidy is doing, and he is really excited for what is to come for him and his amazing girlfriend.

Sarah is the love of Kassidy’s life, and he feels so lucky to have her

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