She Can Do It All: There is not a challenge in life that has ever defeated Keeley

Mckenna loves her mom more than anything in the world.

Between taking care of herself and her three furry siblings, Mckenna realizes that her mom, Keeley, could easily be tired all the time. However, if she is, she never shows it. She shows Mckenna and her three furry siblings so much love and is always there for them, and that is something Mckenna really loves about Keeley.

“She is a great mother,” Mckenna said. “She’s an amazing role model. Mommy is a strong person. She tries to help. And she is always there for me.”

Mckenna knows she can always count on her mom to be there, and that is why she looks up to her. Keeley loves and nurtures Mckenna, and she balances caring for her baby girl and three furbabies (Pixi, Ellie and Skaya) while going to school to become a legal assistant.

Keeley works hard in every area of her life, and while that can be difficult, she makes it look so easy. She has found such a balance that is not found by too many people, and while deep down Keeley realizes how difficult it is, she never lets that show on the surface.

“She always makes time for me. She is the best mother ever,” Mckenna said.

Not only is Keeley such an amazing mother, but she is an amazing person as well. From her extraordinary personality to the way she treats people, she is more than appreciated.

Her personality is one that is full of hope and perseverance, as well as hard work. Keeley is a very determined individual, and this bodes well for her four children who look up to her.

Keeley is also a great friend to many. She treats others with kindness and is always there for people in need… especially her kids.

“She’s always been an amazing mother,” Mckenna said. “She does everything she can for me.”

And she does everything she can for her daughter and all her furbabies with nothing but excellence. Keeley’s children can always count on her, and that is amazing.

She is also someone who is not afraid to challenge herself and face the challenges that life throws at her. She faces adversity everyday with positivity and strength.

“I admire her strength to get through anything,” Mckenna said.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Keeley can achieve anything and accomplish the things she sets her mind to. She is a wonderful mother and she is taking the road less traveled.

Her kids love and appreciate Keeley, and they want to celebrate her too.

“I want her to know how much she means to me.” – Mckenna

she can do it all

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