Incredible wife and mom fills world with love

Nichole Ciers-Davis is an amazing mom and devoted wife who unselfishly has dedicated her life to helping others. 

Her husband, Brandon, said Nichole always does whatever she can to make sure everyone around her is doing well and feels loved, especially her children Avery, Ja’Shaun, Chayse, Aleisha and Ethan.

Avery said mothers are incredibly important and special individuals who play a vital role in the lives of their children by providing support and unconditional love, adding that Nichole provides that and more to all her children.

“Mom, I am so grateful for your love, support and care, and I want you to know that I appreciate you more than words can say,” Avery said. “Thank you for being the amazing mom that you are. I love you.”

Aleisha agreed, saying that Nichole has always been there for her for anything, and that her mom supports everything Aleisha does and wants to do in life. 

“She is a wonderful mother who means the world to me,” Aleisha said. “Nobody could take her place. I will always love her.” 

Nichole’s love of helping others extends beyond her family to her work, as she works as a nurse for Emory Healthcare. She takes pride in her work, caring for her patients with limitless tenderness and love. 

She was born in Detroit and will always be Westside, but Brandon is thankful she moved to Atlanta, because it was at work at Emory where he and Nichole met. Brandon thought she was beautiful with a smile brighter than the Sun, so he asked her out and they went to the movies. 

While they were dating, Brandon knew she was the one for many reasons, especially because she told him she would always be there for him. He smiles as he remembers the love on her face when he took her to Destin, FL to show her where they were getting married. 

On August 29, 2015, the couple was married on the beach in Destin. They each had their own children when they met, but they seamlessly blended their families together into one. Then Brandon and Nichole had a son together named Ethan. 

“We started out as two families, but all of the kids belong to both of us,” Brandon said, adding that he knows Nichole loves all the children unconditionally. 

Chayse said Nichole provides support and motivation and is always available to talk or just listen to concerns. 

“Even though we are not related by blood I will always love her,” Chayse said. “She helped me in many different ways in my life and helped me grow from what I once was. Nichole will always be my twin. Thank you for being my second mom.”

Ja’Shaun said he can feel the love that Nichole has for all the children. He said that Nichole can best be described by one word: compassion.

“Nichole never made me feel out of place and has that very warm, compassionate, motherly feeling about her that I will always be grateful for,” Ja’Shaun said. 

Ethan said that Nichole means everything to him. 

“Mommy is the greatest mom ever,” Ethan said. “I love her very, very much.”

When Nichole is not taking care of all the people in her life, she enjoys traveling, playing card games like Uno, trying new things, listening to and singing music, and watching football or rom-com movies. She also likes to go on road trips, ride ATVs and play with their dogs: Gambit, Stormy, and Yogi, but the most important thing in her life is her family.

Nichole is not just a great mom; she is also a wonderful wife to Brandon. He is thankful she is his number one supporter. He loves her compassion, kindness, intelligence, spirituality and beauty. In fact, Brandon nicknamed her “Beautiful” to remind her every day how gorgeous and wonderful she is. 

Brandon said that Nichole is getting better with age like fine wine, adding that it is incredible to watch her light up a room with her living presence. 

“Nichole is the love of my life,” Brandon said. “Rain or shine she is the best part of my day. She is my blessing from God that I cherish every day. I’m so very honored and grateful to call her my beautiful wife. She is my favorite person, my best friend and my everything. I will love her until 2+2=3.”

Incredible wife and mom fills world with love

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