‘You’re The Best’: Shanika (aka Mom) is the best person her husband knows, and it isn’t even close

Shanika, aka Mom, might have illegible handwriting that made her husband, Justin (aka Dad), think she gave him the wrong number when they first met, but her handwriting has nothing on how wonderful of a person she truly is.

Mom is an extremely dedicated person who is also as selfless as they come. She has devoted her life to making self sacrifices, and she is someone who people really look up to.

“Shanika is very hard working and dependable,” Dad said. “She loves helping others and is very caring. She has a very kind heart and always looks for the best in people. She is full of joy and always has a positive outlook on life. She is the backbone of our family and the love of my life.”

Mom is an extremely optimistic person who is always looking on the brighter side of life. She does not only bring this optimism into the Reedy house, but also to her workplace. She is a teacher who is considered the greatest teacher in the world by her husband, as she would do anything for her students.

Her students are not the only kids Mom would do anything for, either. She is a mother of two who has made Shamyra (14) and Justin (11) the first priority in her life. Mom has always had a knack for putting family first, and that is appreciated by many.

“Shanika’s personal motto is ‘Family First’ and she is willing to make any sacrifice for children,” Dad said. “She stayed late after work to make sure her daughter could play basketball and is always looking for a special activity for her son to participate in.”

Mom would do anything for the good of her kids, and everyone knows it.

She is also someone who has a lot of balance in life. On top of being a teacher and a mother, Mom was also going to school in the midst of it. Her long nights of studying paid off too, as she now has a college degree.

“She juggled school, work and being a full-time mother on the path to achieving her professional goals,” Dad said. “She is always looking for something fun for the kids to do every weekend.”

Even in the midst of being so busy, Mom finds time for her kids always. She loves making memories with them and going on adventures, and they love her for that.

She is also a great wife to Justin, and he is truly grateful for all she does for him.

“She is my confidant and my only true friend,” Dad said. “She is the one that listens to all my problems and is always trying to make me happy. She makes sure that I maintain perspective and take time to enjoy life.”

If you need a friend who will have your back and will support you 24/7, then Shanika Reedy is your girl. She has an awesome gift of being a great wife, mother, teacher and friend, and she is as reliable as they come.

Justin loves her for a reason, and he appreciates the life he has with Shanika.

“I don’t tell you that I love you enough. You deserve the world and there is no greater person on the face of the planet than you.” – Justin

you're the best

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