Dr. Angelface: Jalanie is the love of Daniel’s life and someone who brings so much joy and wisdom wherever she goes

There is nothing that is going to keep Jalanie Johnson down.

Her boyfriend, Daniel Elliott, learned this very early on in their relationship. She had a very tough battle with COVID, but she wound up getting through it.

As Daniel put it, “[She] ​​was hospitalized for 14 days after basically dying in my arms.” She showed toughness and resiliency in that battle just like she has always shown toughness and resilience throughout her entire life.

“She is the most driven and ambitious person. She never stops,” Daniel said. “Even with all the effects from long term COVID she doesn’t stop. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for one of her friends or her family. She is so smart too.”

On top of being a “Dr. Angelface,” Jalanie puts her family and friends before anyone else. She is constantly there for them, and it shows day in and day out.

In fact, two of Daniel’s kids, Jaycob and Ainsley, as well as her own son, Brock, are the center of Jalanie’s universe. She would do anything and everything for them, and she never complains about being a mom.

“She is the most understanding and patient person I’ve ever known,” Daniel said. “She gives everything she has to our children. She has been amazing with my daughter, who at first didn’t want me to date anyone after her mother and I split, and now it’s hard to tell who Ainsley loves more: me or Jalanie. We spoil our kids with love and attention.”

Jalanie is a great role model in their children’s lives as well, and this is something Daniel really appreciates. Plus, on top of being a great mother, she is a great friend to their kids. She loves them and showers them with affection, and this is something that does not go unnoticed.

She is also someone with a very well-rounded personality. There are not too many negative things that can be said about Jalanie, and that speaks volumes to who she is.

“She is patient and kind, the best listener, and she’s so creative,” Daniel said. “She brightens everyone’s day she comes in contact with every day.”

Not only does Jailene brighten the days of her family and friends, but of her customers as well. She co-owns Fabricology, a fabric and handmade Alaskan gift boutique, and she teaches kids how to sew. In all these avenues she always has a smile on her face, and that makes people nothing short of happy.

From the memorable moment they first met until now, Jalanie has been bringing a smile to Daniel’s face too. He cannot wait to continue building a relationship and a life with her, and he is super grateful for who Jalanie is.

“I love and appreciate her every day in ways I probably forget to express enough. I truly am happy that she stopped at my booth that day and offered a complete stranger food just because he looked hungry. I can’t imagine what I’ve done to deserve a love like hers. I’m just thankful everyday that I get to spend the rest of my life with her and raise our kids and spoil our grandkids. She is mine and everyone else’s sunshine.” – Daniel

Dr. Angelface: Jalanie

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