She is Perfect: How Andrea Murphy changed Bryan Simmons Life For The Best

Sometimes love can be cheesy, but in this case the love began with cheese when Andrea Murphy met Bryan Simmons by being his manager at Pizza Hut. They began getting to know each other while going on deliveries together, but little did she know that she was delivering herself into Bryan’s heart.

Bryan was mesmerized by Andrea’s smile when he looked at her. When he looked deep into her eyes it was as though she was staring into his soul and Bryan knew he was in love.

Andrea’s smile is part of what’s kept their love going so long and so strong. It helps motivate Bryan to come home every day and see her beautiful smile. 

Andrea works hard too as the assistant branch manager at Bank of the West, but makes time for her favorite hobbies like cooking new dishes and watching cooking shows. She even has time to create many wonderful memories with Bryan like going to Colorado, hiking and walking through caves. 

Andrea also enjoys watching anime, going for drinks and trying new restaurants with her husband ,as they love doing everything together. This love grew into a marriage with two children. Bryan and his kids couldn’t feel more appreciative of the wife and mother they have.

She is, “Caring, Romantic, Compassionate, puts her family first and is her husband’s best friend and lover,” said Bryan. These are only a few of the qualities that make her kids appreciate her so much.

 “She is very patient, understanding, respectful, empathetic and strong,” said Bryan. It’s these qualities that make her such a wonderful mother to their two kids Kylia and Noah, all these years later after meeting at Pizza Hut.

Andrea is a true matriarch as Bryan feels she puts everyone’s needs above her own and is prepared for anything. She almost has a sixth sense as she can tell when Bryan needs a hug just by seeing a certain look on his face. Bryan loves how she keeps it fun as well by giggling like a little girl, even at the silliest things.

“She is perfect and I wouldn’t want a different wife or mother to my kids,” said Bryan. “I couldn’t do this without her, she is the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my days with her.”

You never know where and when you’ll find true love in this life, but for these two lovebirds and their kids ,it was meant to be at Pizza Hut and that is anything but cheesy.

She is Perfect: Andrea Murphy

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