‘You’re My Honey Bear’: Angelina Michaud was ‘worth the wait’ to her husband, and he is thankful for her every day

Sometimes, you just know.

This is how Stephen Michaud felt when he first got to know his now-wife Angelina. Some people might think it is crazy to have love at first call, but that’s exactly what Stephen had with Angelina. There was something about the way she talked that he knew was different, and boy was he right.

“The first time I heard Angelina’s voice over the phone I knew I was going to have a long-term connection with her,” Stephen said. “I had an inclination that we knew each other previously in some way. We did not. However, our connection when we met was undeniable, and after helping a woman who was still a stranger relocate, I also knew she would become the love of my life.”

Everything about Angelina is truly remarkable. From the way she lights up a room with her smile to the way she treats others with kindness, her personality is off the charts.

Every day, Stephen falls more in love with his wife than the previous day, and that is all because she is a special, one of a kind woman. She is a woman of character with a great sense of humor and an ability to love unlike any other, and Stephen is glad to call her his wife.

“Some of my favorite qualities about Angelina? Her unconditional love. Her smile,” Stephen said. “The way she calls me ‘babe.’ Her loyalty. Her gentleness. Her wit. Her silliness.”

Stephen could go on and on about what about his wife makes him smile.

She is a wonderful woman who cares deeply for other people, and it is her ability to get along with people she does not even know that really sticks out. Angelina treats everyone she meets with nothing but respect and love, and it is something that Stephen is constantly amazed by.

“I admire her ability to make even total strangers feel completely comfortable,” Stephen said. “I also admire her selflessness. And also the unconditional love she has for her family.”

At the end of the day, family comes first for Angelina. She would do anything for any one of her family members, and that is something that none of them take for granted.

She is especially caring and compassionate of her four children – Trystan (26), Dawson (24), Xavier (14) and Lincoln (3). They all look up to their mother, and that probably has something to do with her unwavering love for them. She cares so much for each of them, and she is the most supportive mother that any of them could ever ask for.

“What makes her an extraordinary mother is her complete acceptance of her children regardless of the path they chose in life,” Stephen said. “As well as the joy she feels when all of her boys are together at once.”

Angelina’s ability to focus on being a mother first in every situation is amazing. She would do anything for her kids, and they all know it.

She would also do anything for her husband as well. Stephen knows that his wife cares so much about him and that she loves him unconditionally, and he is thankful for the fact that she always has his back.

“She is my everything!”

Stephen knows that his wife is the one person he can always count on to be there for him, and he is thankful for this fact. She is a special person who is just as amazing as the day he met her on the phone.

Life with Angelina is second to none, and Stephen knows she is completely irreplaceable. He does not know what his life would be like without her, and he does not want to ever have to think about that. He wants her to know that he celebrates her every day and that he appreciates her day in and day out as well.

Her heart is so big and the way she treats everyone is something we could all learn a thing or two from. Plus, between Angelina’s optimistic outlook on life as well as her love for her family, the quality of her personality and her character is never in doubt.

“Honey Bear, I love you more than any words could describe. Your kindness for others is unmatched, the unconditional love you have for your family, the way ‘get me’ and that smile all prove you were worth the wait.”

you're my honey bear

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