Woman of Integrity: This is exactly who Mary Person is, among many other great qualities she possesses

Mary Person is someone who is easy to get along with.

She has so much joy in her heart and she is filled with so much love for others. She makes life fun and is someone with an extreme sense of optimism. She sees the silver lining in every situation, and she is just a genuinely happy person.

“What sticks out about her is her happiness to be alive,” Mary’s husband Matthew said. “She’s always so happy to be alive. She likes entertainment. She likes to cook. She likes to spend time with people. She likes to live.”

As long as Mary is around other people, she is happy and joyful. She makes the lives of those around her so much better, and she has a truly uplifting personality.

Mary is also a very hardworking individual. She is a business analyst, which is a very difficult job in and of itself. But when you throw in all the extra work that she winds up doing behind the scenes, you can’t help but admire her hard work, especially in the midst of the pandemic and working from home.

“Integrity is what you do when no one’s watching,” Matthew said. “In this newfangled work from home situation, she’s sitting at home working evenings and nights. She’s not slacking off like a lot of people wind up doing. She’ll just be doing extra. She’ll tell me, ‘I’m getting ahead.’ She’s trying to not get behind. She wants to be at the top of the ladder. Her hard work is beyond reproach.”

And Matthew knows this workplace integrity is going to continue to pay off for his wife. Mary has already worked her way up the job ladder, and she will continue to do that as she continues to build on her successful career.

Mary working from home also means she gets more family time as well, which is something she cherishes. She is a great role model to Matthew’s daughters, Gen and Maggie, and Mary would do anything for Maggie’s kids as well. Mary is a wonderful mother and grandmother who is always there when they need anything.

“Mary’s basic family upbringing has given her a solid foundation for motherhood,” Matthew said. “She exemplifies that daily. She is kind, thoughtful and loving.”

Part of Mary’s foundation is also rooted in her faith. She grew up going to church with her family every week, and her faith is the basis of who she is today… although it might be in a bit of a different sense than most people would think.

“They grew up as attendees weekly,” Matthew said. “And that’s who she is today. But it’s more in the tune of less about God and more about other people.”

Mary allows her faith to shape her relationships and how she treats other people, and that is a true testament to the woman she is.

Mary is definitely a wonderful human being, and Matthew counts himself lucky every single day to be married to her.

“I hope this gift lets her know how much I love and admire her. I’m not always the greatest with words. I’m more of an act of kindness kind of guy!” – Matthew

woman of integrity

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