Clint & Ashley: Love is in the air

The very first time that Clint Horton saw Ashley, he knew that she was the one for him. Even with the dim lighting in Danny’s Celtic Pub in Bedford, Ashley had those special kind of eyes that can light up a room. Clint’s certainty never wavered and a year and eight months later, he was staring into those same eyes as they both said, “I do.”

Though he didn’t need any further convincing after seeing Ashley that first time, she has shown herself to be an amazing person with each opportunity. Ashley is a loving and caring person who never fails to be supportive of Clint no matter the circumstances. She has the type of personality that makes every second spent with her wonderful. This is evident when one of Clint’s favorite memories with Ashley is the time when the couple became lost during a road trip to Arkansas and drove around aimlessly for hours as a result.

Ashley and Clint have brought two children into the world since they became married. Ashley’s caring heart has naturally equipped her to be a great mother to their two year old Jocelyn and their newborn Adalyn. She never fails to be a thoughtful and helpful mother to her children.

Ashley’s caring nature for her family certainly rubbed off on her older daughter as well. Jocelyn was mesmerized when she first met the baby Adalyn. All she could do was stare at the new bundle of joy and repeat the same words. “Oh my goodness…. Oh my gosh.”

Clint knows how lucky he is to have met Ashley that night at Danny’s. He relishes in the fact they still have many car rides to get lost during and many memories to make along the way. If you ask him about it, Clint will tell you exactly how he feels about Ashley and their situation. “I want her to know that she means the world to me and that everything I do is for her and our children,” he proclaimed. “I love her very much.”


Clint & Ashley: Love is in the air

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