‘She’s My Everything’: There’s only good things that can be said about Tonya

Tonya Kossow is an “angel on earth” according to her husband Joseph. Born to parents Michael and Marilyn, she is special in every way, and there are nothing but positive things to say about this wonderful woman.

“Tonya is pure of heart, caring and love,” Joseph said. “She will do for others before herself. She’ll go out of her way to help. She’s always looking out for people and animals in need and would forsake herself to make sure others are safe and sound!”

Others come first in the eyes of this woman. She makes sure her family, friends and everyone in between are the top priority.

Tonya also shows a lot of love toward other people. She has a lot of love in her heart, and she is very genuine in her ways.

Growing up in a construction family, Tonya learned how to be hands-on in her approach to every day life from an early age. This hands-on mentality does not stop at work either. Tonya loves to be hands-on with how she treats her family and in the way she is always there for them.

“Her grandson is her pride and joy and they love their ‘Grammy,’ as they call her,” Joseph exclaimed.

Tonya has two granddaughters (Riley and Emily) and a grandson (Michael), and she is not afraid to get down on the floor and spend time with them. She teaches them many things and she also loves to spoil them.

She has three children (Michael, Krystal and Krystina) as well, and there is not a thing Tonya would not do for them. She has always been their one true provider, raising them all on her own. They have turned out pretty great too, and that is all because of the great role model of a mother they have to look up to.

“She is mother AND father to her kids,” Joseph said. “She raised them as a single mother. Tonya sacrificed her time to take them to cheer practice, baseball practice and tournaments across the country while also putting them through a college education.”

Tonya has shown toughness and a lot of resiliency in this way, and that was one of the many things that drew Joseph to her right off the bat.

“She is my soulmate! From our first date to today I knew she was my heart,” Joseph exclaimed. “She’s beautiful inside and out. There’s not one mean thing I can say about her. She’s just the sweetest, kindest woman that anyone could ever know. She has a pure heart and is full of loveliness!”

Joseph cannot imagine life without his amazing, loving, beautiful wife, and he knows Tonya’s kids and grandkids cannot imagine that either. She makes such a positive impact on their daily lives, and she is the one person they all know they can rely on at all times.

“You’re my everything! My love; my best friend; my world; my heart. You’re my precious. You’re my baby. I love, love, love you. You’re my baby!” – Joseph

‘She’s My Everything’: Tonya Kossow

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