‘She’s My Lobster’: There are not enough words on a page to describe how much Nina means to her husband

Nina Tomko’s whole worldview is set around helping people.

By day she is a Doctor of Psychology who manages mental health for her local Veteran Affairs office. By night she is a wife and a stepmother who would do anything for her family, and her husband Kevin is so thankful of what all she has helped him through.

Just when it seemed like his whole life was falling apart, Nina stepped in and helped him through his darkest times. Now he is the father and man he is today solely because of his wife, and he knows he could not do it without her.

“She pushes everyone around her to be their best,” Kevin said. “She sees the potential in others that they themselves may not see and she encourages everyone to reach for their goals. She will help anyone, but she does know her boundaries and stands firm when she needs to. She loves me with her whole heart. She is my whole world.”

What makes Nina such an amazing person is not just the fact that she loves people and has a heart for helping others, but because she also knows when she needs to focus on herself. So many selfless people like her are so selfless that they forget to take care of themselves, but the strongest of the selfless people out there know when they need to take care of themselves.

This is not the only area of her life that she knows her place either. Nina also knows what it takes to be a great stepmom without stepping on anyone’s toes, and Kevin’s three kids are grateful for Nina’s love and compassion for them.

“She knows her boundaries and walks the line of stepmom and friend very well,” Kevin said. “My kids love her as much as they love me.”

Nina is appreciated and loved by all, but especially her own family. She brings so much joy and laughter into the Tomko household and into this world, and the list of reasons why Kevin loves his wife so much is endless.

“She has the most amazing smile; it makes me so happy,” Kevin said. “She laughs at my stupid dad jokes like they are actually funny, and we will just break out into a song no matter where we are, just because someone says something that sounds like a lyric to something we know.”

Talk about a fun-loving couple to be around.

Nina is just an amazing woman who Kevin is proud to call his wife, and he wants her to always remember how important she is to him. He will never forget the fact that she literally saved his life, and he will never stop loving her.

“I would love for her to know that life with her is the dream I have always wanted,” he said. “That she is my rock and lobster. That she makes me believe in myself daily and she makes me want more from myself. I would like her to know she is adored, and my angel.”

she's my lobster

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