‘She’s My Pillar’: Jennifer has always provided stability and love for David, and for that he is forever grateful

Love always finds a way.

Jennifer and David Gladding will tell you this is very true as it is a testament to their own relationship. This lovely couple is celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary after having a complicated relationship in the dating stage, and now two kids and lots of memories later, they would not change anything that has happened for the world.

“Jennifer challenges me,” David said. “She gives me confidence. She helps me expand my horizons. She teaches me selflessness. She brings out the best and worst of me. She teaches me how to trust.”

Jennifer has such a well-rounded personality, and for David her personality makes it infinitely easier to fall more in love with her every single day. She is there for him through the good times and the bad, and he is grateful to always have her in his corner.

Jennifer is also someone who is constantly there for others as well, and the people around her realize they can count on her for anything and everything. No matter what they need or what the time of day is, Jennifer is there for others, putting her selflessness on display endlessly.

“I love how she puts the needs of others above her own,” David said. “I love how she’s always prepared for anything. I love how she can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything. I love how unconditionally she loves her family. I love how uncomfortable she is with change. I love how competitive she is no matter what’s at stake. I love her smile. I love that she’s stuck with me through thick and thin.”

David realized early in their relationship that Jennifer was a woman worth standing by, and that’s why he has refused to ever let his love for her waver. He cares so much about her just like how she cares so much about others, and he adores all her little quirks.

He is also grateful that they have been able to build a family of four together, and he knows Madison and Tyler have a great mother to look up to and to count upon.

“She has the biggest heart,” David said. “She is driven. She is a great mom. She is constantly on the move and keeps our family organized.”

Without Jennifer, the Gladdings do not know what they would do. Thankfully they do not have to worry about this or ever wonder about this.

David is grateful for the last eight years of being married to his best friend, and he cannot wait to see what is in store for their future together.

“Thank you for being with me, through the good and bad stuff,” he said. “Thank you for being my pillar when everything was shaking. I promise I will be your pillar for as long as I live. My children should be very proud of me. I’ve managed to snatch for them the best mother they could get! You are smart. So beautiful. So energetic and creative. You’re a taskmaster and a gentle soul. You are my best friend.”


she's my pillar

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