August 29 through September 2 blog posts

John Locke plaque

Protecting the rights for each human being (Individual Rights Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

August 29, 2022

No two leaves of the world’s trees are alike, yet each person is unique and obtains universal human rights.

August 29, Individual Rights Day, was dated back to 1632 on the birth of an English philosopher John Locke, who was well-known as the “Father of Liberalism.” Locke first proposed that each human being has sovereign rights that should be under the protection of the government.

Later on, Dr. Tom Stevens, the founder of the Objectivist Party, became one of the supporters of Locke’s opinion regarding individual liberty and power.

This holiday is a celebration of Locke’s birthday while informing people to recognize their rights.


beach with friends

Enjoy a day at the beach to spice up this summer (National Beach Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

August 30, 2022

As the summer starts to get closer to the finish line, spending a whole day on the beach would definitely turn out as a great way to end the break with a bang.

August 30, National Beach Day, offers people a chance to get back to the beach and soak in the sunshine. This holiday was first started in 2014 to raise awareness of protecting the environment while having fun on the beach.

Get a group of friends together to go swimming, surfing and playing beach volleyball on this holiday. But do not forget to pick up all the garbage when you leave.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the beach clean and protect our beautiful home, the Earth.


September calendar

What’s in a name: September edition

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

August 31, 2022


building and code staff

Building and code staff, thank you for your dedication and persistence (Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

September 1, 2022

Today, September 1, is Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day.

This industry often gets little to no attention to how complicated their work is. The building and code staff put in endless time and energy to ensure the safety of a variety of buildings. 

We never know how much sweat and sorrow those staff have put in every time a new building comes up. People’s lives are in their hands; so their work requires them to be extremely careful in every detail of each building code.

Without their conscientious work, we would not have a warm house to stay with our families, a school to learn new knowledge, or a hospital to help sick people.

Therefore, if you are a building and code worker, take this day to celebrate with your colleagues. If you do not work in this field, do not forget to show your gratitude toward those hard-working building and code staff whenever you pass by them.


sad man

Life is worth living

Post by Xiaotong Meng

September 2, 2022

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