‘Above & Beyond’: If you ask the Staff Member of the Year Distinguished Service Award winner to jump, he will probably ask you how high

And the winner of the LeadingAge PA 2022 Staff Member of the Year Distinguished Service Award is…

Roland Maust!

The systems administrator at Brethren Village has a motto, and that motto is, “Take time to get to know the residents around you. Look for ways to do above and beyond what is expected of you.”

Maust lives out this motto every single day at work, and there is not a single person who would question this. He is devoted to his residents and he is always friendly with them, and they always love getting to know Maust. At the same time, he is constantly doing way more than what is ever asked of him, and this makes him the perfect staff member.

“Roland Maust has served in Brethren Village’s technology department since January 1990,” a spokesperson for Brethren Village said. “That is the same year that the World Wide Web was launched. In those 31 years, technology has gone through many revolutions. And alongside those changes, Brethren Village has doubled in size.”

While the doubling in size may not be specifically because of Maust, there is no question that they would not be where they are at as a community today without him playing such an integral part of their growth over the years. His ability to help Brethren adapt to every change on the technology side of things has helped them to stay one step ahead of everyone else, and it has helped them become the desired retirement community they are today.

“Roland recently implemented enhancements to the door access system to improve campus security,” the Brethren Village representative said. “Roland has been instrumental in implementing the automated COVID symptom-screening process for Team Members, per OSHA and DOH requirements. Roland was instrumental in procuring an efficient, reliable thermal scanning system solution for the continuing care areas of Brethren Village.

“After he found a reliable system, he worked with our door access vendors to develop a system to tie the scanners into the door access system so that Team Members can temp check and then activate their badges for entry into the buildings. His dedication and timeless hours spent on this project serves as a model for Resident and Team Member health and safety.”

Maust is always looking out for the good of his coworkers and his residents, and that is why he is as appreciated around the Brethren Village community as he is. He devotes so much time and effort into helping them develop new and better ways of keeping up with the times, and there is not a challenge too difficult for him.

He could have 20 job titles next to his name just based on all the extra work he puts into his job at Brethren, but he would not want that, as he is not one for accolades. He prefers  humbly staying in the background which  is yet another reason this award suits him well.

“Roland Maust is a treasure, and Brethren Village is fortunate to have had his expertise on our team for the past 32 years,” Vice President of Communications and Resident Life Tara Ober said. “Roland is the type of person who often embraces ‘other duties as assigned.’ He’s so integral to IT and the fabric of how Brethren Village works, it’s difficult to imagine a history that he’s not part of.”

The impact Maust has been making on this community for the past three-plus decades is truly irreplaceable. He is the ideal employee, and he is someone that has created a monumental-sized pair of shoes to fill in the distant future.

“He effortlessly works inter-departmentally to solve problems, help people and improve systems as he does so,” Ober said. “Often, he’ll walk into a situation and the solution is a can of worms waiting to be opened! But in very typical Roland-style, he researches the best, most cost-effective solution and then educates everyone who needs to know.”

Maust is truly the epitome of a community-first team member, as all of his efforts to finding the best ways of improving the community come at the expense of anyone but the residents and the community itself. Brethren Village is much better off because they have someone who is so dedicated to making them the best elderly care community in the world, and even the head of the Brethren realizes this.

“He has a keen ability to spot solutions that are economical, but do not cheapen the product or the service,” President and CEO John Snader said. “His stewardship, caring and excellence make him a model Brethren Village Team Member.”

Snader also mentioned the significance of Maust’s humility, as he is someone who thrives whether or not he is getting a pat on the back and a job well-done. He is quiet in his ways but boisterous in his impact, and he has not met a resident or fellow team member that has had anything bad to say about him.

Maust is also a very positive person, as he does not ever let his personal life affect his work life, and which is just another of the plethora of reasons why he has been named the winner of the Staff Member of the Year award.

“Even if he’s ruffled on the inside, he never lets it show,” Ober said. “His appearance to guests and presenters is always, ‘Yes I can!’ To Allie and me, Roland is an invaluable resource who exudes professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness every step of the way. We are so grateful to have his expertise and fantastic attitude…Roland, THANK YOU!”

People like Roland Maust do not grow on trees, and that is why the staff of Brethren Village nominated him for Staff Member of the Year. They are all so thankful and gracious for Maust and all he has done for this community for the past 32 years.

Maust is beloved by all, from his coworkers to the residents, and he is someone that is always going to keep his head down and work hard no matter what. This award is well-deserved, especially given how much he appreciates working in eldercare, and this is something that Maust should be proud of and cherish forever.

“A career in eldercare provides you with steady and rewarding work,” he said. “I enjoy helping people by fixing and maintaining the tools and services used on a daily basis. It is rewarding to take time to make sure each person feels heard, understood and valued.”

They certainly all feel this way with you around, Roland!above and beyond

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