The Big 5-0: SPECIAL REPORT – Michelle Cramer is the most spectacular wife, mother and friend ever!

If you have ever met Michelle Cramer, you know how loving and supportive she is as a wife, mother and friend.

She has the biggest heart and the most genuine soul, and everyone around her is appreciative of the person Michelle is. She treats everyone with such great care and love.

“What are some of my favorite qualities about my wife? Her kindness for starters,” Michelle’s husband Andy said. “She is the best friend of anyone that she comes into contact with. She puts other people’s feelings before her own. Also selflessness and her sense of adventure… She loves to travel.”

When you talk to Andy, you can hear it in his voice how much he truly loves and cares about his wife, and rightfully so. Michelle is someone who can make a friend in a split second, and she is always going to be there for the people she cares about… which is pretty much anyone that she even remotely knows.

Michelle is also a glass half full kind of woman who is willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, even when her family and friends may not understand why. But, they have all watched Michelle do this enough times that it is starting to rub off on them.

“I’ve learned to see the goodness in people, even when it may be difficult,” Michelle’s friend Julie said. “Michelle has taught me to let the little stuff go because the big picture is really all that matters. Most importantly, she’s taught Shawn and I to travel and enjoy each day. She’s taught us what kind of friends we should strive to be.”

Live each day like it’s your last and enjoy life to the fullest. That is something Michelle knows full well how to do, and it is something that everyone around her has learned to do just by observing her.

In her family, Michelle is the middle child, and that has always boded well for her little sister Beth and their older brother Steve, who has always looked out for and protected both of his sisters. Michelle has been the sister Beth has looked up to for as long as she can remember, and even to this day Beth still looks up to her sister.

“Being 11 months apart to the day, Michelle and I never knew life without one another,” Beth said. “We shared a bed until we were 13 years old, which was not always pleasant. But, some of my fondest memories are when we would talk and play at bedtime. She is the most selfless, kindest person in the world. She’s not just always there for me, she is for everyone!”

If you ask Beth, this is something that stands out above almost everything else. Michelle treats everyone with equal respect and equal love, which means she is there for every single person in the same capacity.

Michelle never puts one person’s needs above her own – except maybe her kids’ needs, but even that can be put to question – which shows just how great of a person she truly is. She wants what is best for everyone, which is why she has focused on raising her two children, all while keeping the household and Club Cramer functioning.

“She has supported my career from the very beginning, and in fact encouraged me and gave me confidence to strive to fulfill my career goals,” Andy said. “She has been my best friend for over 25 years and she makes me a better person. She is a great cook and takes care of everything in our home. She is also very supportive and loving toward our children.”

As it was mentioned before, if there are any two people that Michelle puts before anyone else, it is Jake (22) and Jessie (19). Her children mean the world to her, and they have since day one. She is constantly supporting them and making sure they have everything they need, and there is not a single person in their right mind who does not think Michelle is cut out to be a mother.

Everything she has ever done in the past 22-plus years has been with her children at the forefront of her mind, and the people who know her best know she cares unconditionally about them.

“Michelle has spent time traveling for vacations, going to games and events, and doing so many special things to make her children, my children and many others’ kids’ lives full of amazing memories,” Beth exclaimed.

Michelle is never short on love and compassion, and that is evidenced by her sister’s statement above.

Michelle cares about everyone who knows her, but that is just part of who she is. The fact that she is always sacrificing her time to take care of others is more than admirable, and it is yet another thing that makes her personality amazing.

“Michelle has so many qualities that make her a good friend,” Julie said. “However, I think her selflessness is what really sticks out. She doesn’t think twice about putting other people’s needs before hers. She steps in without having to be asked and everyone knows she will always be there. Her willingness to help others, regardless of the situation, is always so generous.”

When you have the pleasure of knowing someone like Michelle, it gives you hope and a reminder that there are still some good people left in the world.

It is also not difficult in the least to see why Andy falls more and more in love with his wife every single day, as she is such a great, kind-hearted soul.

And while every moment with her is a memory to him, there are a few special moments they have had together that stick out more than anything to him.

“At the start, we met in high school biology class as freshmen when we were 14 years old, where she sat behind me and we began a lifelong friendship.

“I fell in love with her at Joe Bailey’s Bar on Western Avenue when we were 22 years old; we talked for hours and I really learned a lot about the person Michelle was and who she was going to be.

“Our many trips and vacations all over the world, but some of the more memorable ones to Japan, Maldives, Florida, Cabo, Cancun, St. Thomas, St. John and all over the Caribbean.

“Our wedding day and the birth of our kids are also some of our greatest memories together. Even though she was late for our own wedding, and honestly I was a little worried she was not going to show up at all.”

There is no question that Andy loves and appreciates his pool-loving, golf-playing, friend-gathering travel buddy who has a knack for cooking, and there is no question that the rest of the people in Michelle’s life feel the same way. They love her and are thankful for her, and they want to celebrate her every single day.

“She is my everything and I feel I would be lost without her in my life. She is my best friend and the best mother and wife I could have ever imagined. I feel so lucky that we found each other and have raised a great family together, and she deserves all of the credit for our happiness and success.” – Andy

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