“The heartbeat and soul of our family”

Annie Sweeney is an amazing, fiercely loyal wife and mom who would do anything for her family.

Her husband, Tim, said that she is constantly striving to be a better person, adding that her positive attitude and tenacity lead everyone around her to strive to be better as well. 

“Annie fights like a warrior to be a kinder, gentler person,” Tim said, “She is so strong and she makes the world a better place, especially for our five-year-old daughter, Cecelia.”

Born and raised in Plainfield, Indiana, Annie was blessed with a gift for singing and went to Nashville when she was younger to try to make a career in country music. Although the doors didn’t open for her, she dusted herself off and went on to the next challenge. She moved back to Indiana and paid her own way through school and earned her degree in journalism.

She eventually found her calling as a stay-at-home mom to Cecelia, who they affectionately call “CeCe.” 

“Annie is a fierce mama bear to CeCe and is unconditionally committed to her and her well-being,” Tim said. “She is also supportive of my work and my interests. She is truly the heartbeat and soul of our family.”

The couple met at “The Staging Lane” in Clermont, Indiana in 2008, but Tim said he innocently ignored Annie that night. However, he later got her phone number from her brother and when he called her, Annie said, “she knew she had him.” 

Annie in fact did have Tim, because he said he totally fell in love with her on their very first date when they went to dinner at The Aristocrat.

“She awkwardly walked through the door, and then she laughed with her entire body,” Tim said.  “She was incredibly beautiful. She had me in that very moment.”

Annie and Tim have made many wonderful memories, including walking around Bloomington while feeling silly, or walking across the street from the condo just to take a better look at a weeping willow, to attending a University of Tennessee football game.

Tim said Annie is “absolutely funny as all get out, and she is super pretty… I always refer to her as a ‘classic beauty.’” Some of his favorite moments are looking at her while she admires something beautiful when she doesn’t know he’s watching her.

Although she didn’t make it in country music, Annie gets to share her amazing voice and special gift of singing through her church. She is a ray of sunshine for everyone who meets her, but it is her family who get to feel the full depth of her love.

Tim said Annie provides the family with safety and security by being the incredible mom and wife that she is. He said he is aware that he doesn’t show his appreciation enough, but he wants her to know how profoundly he appreciates all she does for him and CeCe.

“Annie means everything to me,” Tim said, adding, “She is my entire world, and she makes me want to be a better person. Without her, I would have no motivation to continue to be a better version of myself. Thank you, Annie. CeCe and I love you.”

“The heartbeat and soul of our family”

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