‘There Is Nothing She Cannot Achieve’

Lindsey Ludwig can do anything!

She is someone who, once she sets her mind to something, she works hard to achieve it. She has converted a 22-foot school bus into a mobile classroom, she is a proud alumnus of the University of Illinois, she received her master’s degree from NYU, she is the Director of International Education at El Camino and she is able to manage an amazing career while putting family first. Lindsey proves on a daily basis that there is nothing too great for her to accomplish.

“She is fearless,” her husband Darren said. “She is funny. She has high energy. She is a go-getter. She is an incredible mother, wife, and friend. She is always looking out for others and trying to ensure that their needs are put first. She is a motivator and she is talented and creative.”

Lindsey can do it all, and on top of her amazing personality, she is also an amazing mother who would do anything and everything for her three girls. She shows them each and every single day how to be a strong, independent woman, and she hopes they will one day grow up to do the same.

“She perceives obstacles as challenges,” her mother Marilou said. “Her persistence, creativity and compassion have been apparent in all her endeavors from her stint in the Peace Corps to her career, and especially as a loving mother and wife.”

Everything Lindsey has ever done is for her family, and she has always made this clear.

She is a positive and uplifting person who is always looking at the bright side of things, and her eternal optimism is something so many people notice about her right off the bat.

“She is a confident, smart and fiercely independent woman,” Darren said. “She is a go-getter and she always follows through on what she says she will do. She is an amazing mother and wife. She is witty, funny and a caretaker. She is a hard worker, has high energy, and is positive and selfless.”

Lindsey’s personality is truly one-of-a-kind, and her family and friends are all appreciative of the woman she is today.

She is fun to be around and has created so many great memories with so many people, and everyone who is close to her cherishes every moment they spend together.

“My favorite memory with her is going to visit her in Morocco while she was in the Peace Corps and hearing her speak Arabic,” her brother Tom said. “Amazing.”

As if this point was not reiterated enough, Lindsey can truly do it all. She is a one in a million type of person, and her husband, children, family and everyone in between are very grateful for her.

“Happy 40th to a wonderful and beautiful daughter,” Lindsey’s father Dave said. “One of my favorite visions in life was when you were born and opened those big brown eyes and smiled at me. The last part might be a bit exaggerated, but that’s how I remember it.” 

Those big brown eyes and that huge smile are both still shining as brightly today as the day she was born, and the world is a better place because of Lindsey being in it.

“Lindsey, you are loved. Your energy, infectious spirit, passion for life and creativity make everyone around you better. We are all so lucky that we are in your life and that we get to share this time with you.” – Darrenthere is nothing she cannot achieve

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