Ways to Support Seniors in Your Neighborhood

Do you have senior neighbors whose friends and relatives have moved away from your town? If you suspect that your senior neighbors need a little extra help to get through the day, it’s time to reach out and offer your support. From signing them up for dancing classes through to helping your senior friends make their homes safer, here are a few ways you can make a difference.

Financial Guidance

Seniors often need assistance managing their money and making sure that their finances are secure.

Household Help and Errands

Simply giving your senior neighbors a hand around the house can make their lives much easier!

  • Your senior friend may have some unknown fall risks and hazards in their home that you could help remedy.
  • Help them hire a caregiver for their various services. 
  • Some seniors have difficulty cleaning their own homes. You can help your senior friend stay organized by creating a checklist together.
  • Seniors in your area might need someone to run errands for them, like picking up groceries or going to the post office. 

Enjoying Leisure Time

Many seniors have plenty of downtime, but they don’t always know how to spend it. Spending time with a senior is a great way to de-stress. Take a look back with them and think about what the year ahead will bring. These suggestions will help you encourage your senior friends to try fun new activities.

Isolation can be a big problem for lots of seniors. But by offering to help out your senior neighbors, you can bring a little joy into their lives. Supporting the seniors in your neighborhood can be easy and fun!

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