‘She’s A Rare Find’: When they cannot find the words to explain what Kat means to them, this is exactly what her family uses to describe her

Throughout her entire life, Kat DeBurgh has been an extraordinary woman who is a ‘rare find’ according to her family.

She is a special person, tried and true, as she devotes the time and effort to making every single one of her relationships worthwhile. She is the best girlfriend in the world according to her boyfriend Dougal, and after hearing what he had to say about her you may tend to agree.

“Her positive attitude has been steadfast throughout the pandemic and throughout our seven-year relationship,” Dougal said. “I grow fonder and fonder of her each day. I told her years ago that I pinch myself every day that she picked me and asked me out. I’m continuously amazed at how she continues to work to improve herself and to help others around her do the same.”

When Kat first asked Dougal out, there was no chance of him saying no. He knew that she was a wonderful person before they got together, but he has learned just how amazing she is with each passing day.

She is as selfless as they come, and she is the most family-first person Dougal has ever met. Kat does anything and everything to take care of her family, and everyone around her knows this to be true.

“I know she would do anything for me (except climb the ladder into the attic!),” Kat’s mom Gail expressed. “We enjoy spending time together – at the opera, at the movies, singing, going for walks. She calls me on the phone nearly every Sunday too.”

Kat’s relationship with her mom is one of a kind. She makes sure that her mom and her stay in constant communication, and she tries to never let more than a week go by without talking to her mom.

Kat is the same way with her sister, Kelly. Despite getting compared to Kelly way too much when they were growing up, that did not stop Kat and her from having a genuine sisterhood friendship. Kelly knows her sister is always going to be there for her, and for that and many other reasons she loves her with all her heart.

“Katy is my best, best friend and sister,” Kelly said. “I am 1,000 percent sure that she loves me and I love her no matter what. I can’t imagine life without her, and people who haven’t met her are truly missing out. She is sunshine and joy, very fun, but yet also a comfort in hard times, which is not a common mix!”

Kat knows how to live life to the fullest while also being there for others at all times. She is a friend during all the ups and downs in life, and her compassionate heart is second to none.

She is also an awesome aunt to her niece Carly, who speaks very highly of Kat.

“Aunt Katy has been precious to me since childhood,” she said. “From my youngest years, she has always sought to know me and love me as an individual. When I was little, she entered into my interests and my childhood play, and now I get to see her doing that with my own children. Our bond has only grown stronger as I’ve grown up, and much of that is due to Katy’s persistent love.”

On top of being an aunt, Kat is also a great aunt to Carly’s kids, and you know she is always going to spoil them.

She is also a great role model who is truly going to be there for everyone in her life until the end of time. She is very independent and individualistic as well, but her heart is always in the right place. She listens to others even when she does not agree with them, as she does not let a difference of opinion affect her relationships.

“Kat is a strong person who makes up her own mind, yet respects the views of others,” her mom said. “She is kind-hearted, loving, smart, curious and helpful. I am proud of the education and work she is doing in the field of public health. I am proud of the way she keeps in touch with her siblings, family and friends she has known for years…and she keeps making new friends too!”

Kat makes an impact wherever she goes, and it truly seems like anyone who she comes into contact with wants to be friends with her. She treats people with such kindness and love, and she is someone you constantly want to be around.

“Kat is extremely genuine and empathetic to all,” Dougal said. “During the pandemic she has worked almost seven days a week because she’s in the public health field. Even through her overload of work she has been a wonderful partner and friend to me. She makes me want to be a better person every single day.”

It’s amazing to see the way her colleagues look up to Kat and the way she went above and beyond during COVID.

She threw herself into her job, but more than that she was able to find balance. She balanced her job and her relationship with Dougal as well as her relationships with her family, and yet she still did not complain once. She genuinely cares about others and her relationships, and that’s why everyone else will always come first to this selfless individual.

“The word ‘thoughtful’ tends to get thrown around without much, well, thought,” Carly said. “But Katy truly embodies this virtue. She thinks of ways of serving others and follows through with them. Her family is privileged to be cared for in the way that Katy cares.”

Her family is not the only ones lucky enough to be cared for by Katy, either. There are so many people who count their blessings because they are fortunate to know Katy, and that just speaks immense volumes about who Katy is.

Katy is a wonderful person who is a great example of who more people in this world should be like. She is looked up by so many people for a reason, and it is easy to see why she is considered a rare find.

She is one of a kind, and Dougal, Gail, Kelly, Carly and so many others are beyond lucky to have Kat in their lives.

“I am so very proud of you! I wish I could put into words all that is in my heart.” – Gail

“She is kind and funny and understanding, smart and wise, not afraid to be herself, and always striving to improve. She is absolutely the best!” – Kelly

she's a rare find

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