What A Giver: Enxhi is a giver like no other, and she is also a huge people person

Enxhi Vila. A unique name for a very unique person.

Hailing from Albania, Enxhi did not have the easiest transition in the world. She dealt with both a culture and a language barrier at the young age of 10, and for a while, it was difficult for her to make friends. Fast forward 16 years and now she is thriving and is living well in the United States.

“She had a pretty tough time transitioning to America,” her boyfriend Mitchell said. “Her classmates weren’t very nice to her when she first came here, and I think this is a big factor into why she is so kind to anyone and everyone. She hasn’t had the easiest life and works hard for what she has. She really values family and friendships.”

When she first started going to school here in America, Enxhi would sit on one side of the fence and her father on the other side while they ate lunch. While this does speak testaments to the relationship she had with her father, it speaks more testaments to what she went through.

Thankfully, she got through those trying times and is a better person because of this.

If you ask Mitchell, he has never met someone so giving and so caring than his girlfriend. She wants what is best for every single person all around her, and she has such a kind soul and a huge heart.

“What makes her good to others? Number one, she’s very giving,” Mitchell said. “Enxhi doesn’t make a lot of money, but everything she does make, she is using it to take care of everyone. Everybody would not be getting together as much if it wasn’t for her, as she brings everyone together, whether it be family or friends. She’s very giving in that way.”

One thing that Enxhi believes in the importance of is spending time with the people you care about. She is all about get-togethers and being around others, as she knows exactly what it is like to have nobody. She also knows what a good feeling it is to have a lot of people around you, as she was someone who a lot of people enjoyed being around in high school, so she has lived on both sides of the spectrum, and she much prefers the latter.

Enxhi is such a people person, and she lives to make people happy. She is always trying to put a smile on someone’s face and make them feel like they belong.

“She’s caring,” Mitchell said. “She’s intelligent. She’s not lazy, so she’s always moving. The one thing she manages to do and stay on top of is making sure her family and I are taken care of first. She puts herself last.”

At the end of the day, while being there for friends is of the utmost importance, being there for her family takes precedence over all of that. She loves her family more than anything, and she always does what it takes to make sure they are taken care of.

This includes always being there for her niece and nephews. She treats them very well and knows how to spoil them like any good aunt does. She is also someone they know they can look up to and rely on when things get tough.

At the same time, Mitchell also means everything to Enxhi, and she would do anything for him. She is always there, making sure he has everything he needs, and Mitchell is so appreciative of it all.

He just loves spending time with Enxhi, and Mitchell truly cherishes any moment he spends with her.

“We like to cook together, binge watch TV shows and be outside, whether it’s at the beach or just in the backyard around the fire,” Mitchell said. “We like to spend time with our niece and nephews and buy them anything they want. We like trying new foods. We love lazy Sundays just laying around and being in each other’s company.”

As long as they are together, they are happy. Mitchell loves his girlfriend, and he knows that she helped change his life around. She took him into her life when everyone else was exiting, and he will never forget that.

She is such an amazing person and such a giving woman, and Mitchell sometimes does not understand how he got so lucky. Enxhi is someone that people can really look up to and learn a lot from. Mitchell knows he has.

“I want her to know I wouldn’t be the person I am without her,” he said. “She makes everyone’s day brighter and life better. I want her to know how much I appreciate all she’s done for me and all she continues to do for me each and every day. She is such an honorable person, and I can only pray some of her personality and qualities rub off on me. I wouldn’t have anything I have if she wasn’t supporting me.”what a giver

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