A Steadfast: PaigeyK is the rock and the foundation of the Boisvert household

There are people you want to hang out with every so often, and then there are people like PaigeyK, who her husband Ryan loves spending every day with.

Just being in her presence brings him a sense of joy and a great amount of love that he does not get anywhere else.

He has seen her grow into an amazing mother to their daughter, Vienna (8 months), and he knows there is nothing she would not do for that little girl.

“Paige is an amazing mother,” Ryan said. “I believe this is from a combination of having a good mother and having the experience of being a nanny for several families while Paige was a teenager and young adult. Paige’s affinity to be a good mother comes naturally, and everyone is so fortunate to have Paige in the family, especially Vienna.”

Paige makes such a huge impact on so many lives all around her, especially her daughter’s life, and Ryan knows Vienna has the greatest mother and role model in the world. Paige lives her life by being there for everyone, and she is someone who just has a truly well-rounded personality.

“She has a really contagious sense of humor,” he said. “She is really funny, and that in and of itself brings everyone together. She makes everything laid back and easy.”

Paige can walk into a room and the tone will change. She lights up whatever room she walks into, and she brings such a sense of joy and laughter wherever she goes.

She has a one-of-a-kind woman, and she is truly someone who makes a difference in so many lives all around her.

People love being around Paige, and they especially love seeing the way she raises her daughter. When Ryan or anyone else talks about Paige, they cannot put enough emphasis on how well she is raising Vienna and everything she is teaching her, even at such a young age.

“All our daughter knows are happy things,” Ryan said. “She loves to laugh and bring happy things to Mommy. My wife is awesome at taking pictures and capturing her life, as she’s always taking photos and videos of Vienna so people can watch her grow up. She stays at home with her right now, and Paige has a really strong foundation for what to instill in our child.”

With the personality Paige has, it will be no surprise at all when Vienna grows up to be an amazing woman herself. She will be learning from the best, and she has such a great woman to look up to.

Paige loves her daughter and she loves her family, and any moment they all spend together is a moment that will become a memory.

From getting together with family on the weekends to always planning the next Boisvert family vacation, family is and always will be the number one priority in Paige’s life, and Ryan is forever grateful for this fact.

“Paige, I want you to know I am so happy you are the rock of this family,” Ryan said. “I don’t know how I would find peace if I didn’t have you taking care of our sweet ‘V girl’ all day. V and I are so fortunate to have you with us and we are excited for our future together. Someday we will live happily in our favorite place – St. Augustine – where it all began. I love you!”a steadfast

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