Worth The Wait: Kelby waited over three decades for his wife, and he knows a woman like her does not come around very often

What does Amber Friemel mean to her husband Kelby?

Undeniably love.

Undeniable loyalty.

A steadfast.

Kelby also knows that no matter what their family goes through, Amber will always be there. She is a constant and she is someone that he can always rely upon when things get tough.

She is also a role model for their daughter, Isla.

“My wife is strong willed and a hard worker,” Kelby said. “I know she is not going to let that little girl leave without a confidence to face the challenges she will face in the world. Even at such a young age, Amber is teaching her to know her worth. Amber is also willing to stand up for our relationship and our marriage, and she is the role model I want my daughter to look up to.”

No matter what, Amber is always there. She is always looking out for what is best for her family, and she certainly wants to raise her daughter up to be a strong-willed, independent, hard-working woman like herself.

She also wants to raise Isla up to be a woman of God, and the way she lives her life every day should certainly bode well in guiding her daughter’s faith.

“Faith plays an integral role in our family because it is the one thing that is always consistent and will always be there,” Kelby said. “No matter how difficult things may seem, faith will always be the constant that is always there. When we are practicing it the right way, we notice a big difference.”

Faith. Family. Friends.

Those are the three things that mean more to Amber than anything else, and they are the three things that Amber will always stand by.

She is always there for the people she cares most about, and she is someone who is truly selfless. She has an amazing personality, and the way she looks out for others is something that is truly admirable.

“She is just a nice person,” Kelby said. “She can definitely push people’s buttons, but she also has an endearing quality to stick up for people. She has a blind love toward helping people and always wants to help the underdog succeed in so many ways.”

You never have to question Amber’s loyalty or the undying sacrifice she will make for others. She is always going to have your back, and she is someone who is just truly always there for the people who matter the most to her.

Kelby waited for a woman like her for over 30 years, and he would not change that fact for the world. She is the greatest wife and woman of God he could ever imagine, and he thanks God every single day for bringing him such a beautiful wife and a kind soul.

“I want her to know that I love her and appreciate her,” he said. “I am unbelievably thankful and appreciative that no matter what comes along, we continue to add character and loyalty to our relationship and make it through difficult times.”worth the wait

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