‘My Once In A Lifetime Woman’

Life with Luisana Alvarez is so much better than life without her. Just ask her husband Francisco.

The last eight years with her have not been without their fair share of ups and downs, but for Francisco, having the constant in his life that is Luisana makes everything that much more bearable.

Luisana is the most amazing person Francisco has ever met, and it is not even close. She brings so much joy and laughter into this world, and she is someone who is always present in his life. Francisco knows that he can always rely on his wife, and he knows that everyone all around her can count on her too.

“Luisana Is a loving, caring and beautiful person,” he said. “Growing up, she was very popular in school and very smart. Friends and family love being around Luisana . When we go out, she gets compliments about how beautiful she is. Luisana is also the best mom in the world. She has sacrificed so much for the kids. She knows how to show love to friends, family and the kids. She has great ideas when it comes to gifts as well.”

Luisana is a beautiful soul both inside and out, and she is someone who has a lot of humility and a lot of love to go around. She cares like none other, and she is the best mom her children could ever ask for.

She is dedicated to everything she does, and she is a hard worker who is an amazing role model to her kids. Luisana is just always there, and she is always supporting her kids through everything.

“What makes her an awesome mother is that she works so hard to provide for the kids,” Francisco said. “She makes sure they have nice clothes and school supplies, that they get the best help at school and just overall loves them every day by spoiling them. And she helps her parents with paperwork or money for anything they need, so she’s an awesome daughter as well.”

Family is uber important to Luisana. She wants to be the best wife, mother and daughter possible, and she is very successful at all three. No matter what she sets her mind to, she will go above and beyond to achieve it.

Luisana is also a very selfless individual. People know they can call upon her for anything and she will be there, day or night.

“What I admire the most about her is how she goes out of her way to help friends and family,” Francisco said. “She is always willing to show love to the people she cares about the most. She works hard to earn all the good things in life. She is also very smart and knows how to give advice to people when they need it. She knows how to have a good time, whether it’s a special occasion or just at home, relaxing and watching movies. She knows what to do and say to make me feel loved and appreciated.”

Luisana has a great big heart and is a very welcoming presence. She is a joy to be around, and Francisco sometimes does not understand how he got so lucky. She loves him more than anything, and he certainly loves her with all his heart.

They have made so many great memories together, from their trips to Vegas and Reno to their love at first sight moment at that night club, as well as all their family trips to theme parks and to the great outdoors.

Francisco is just glad that he landed such a beautiful, once in a lifetime woman in Luisana, and he is looking forward to potentially expanding their loving family even more.

The future is bright for this couple, and Francisco is glad that he has such a great life partner by his side.

“Once in a lifetime, if you are lucky, you meet someone whose presence ignites a burning fire,” he said. “That warm smile and sensitive nature captures your heart. And, in an instant, you know that’s the one. That’s exactly how I feel about you. You are my ‘once in a lifetime.’ I may not show it as often as I should, but I know how blessed I am to have you. You are my everything and I will spend forever loving you.”my once in a lifetime woman

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