A Loving Couple: When Jimmy and Andrea’s kids talk about them, they point out their huge hearts and their giving attitudes




Always providing.

These are just four of the many traits Sarah Arzberger uses to describe her parents, Jimmy and Andrea. She has such an appreciation for them both and all that they have done for her and her brother, and it’s difficult to imagine having more amazing parents than Jimmy and Andrea.

“They sacrificed a lot for my brother and I,” Sarah said. “They are very loving and caring. They go out of the way to make us happy. They have always given us everything we have asked for.”

Jimmy and Andrea have always made their children a priority and they have always done their best to keep their children happy. They are great supporters and they have so much love for their kids, and anyone would be more than fortunate to have them as parents.

Jimmy and Andrea are also teachers and leaders, both by words and by example, and they are definitely role models that many people look up to.

“My dad has taught me to be a hard worker and to always push for what you want,” Sarah said. “My dad can fix anything you give him, and he is very hands-on.”

“My mom is a very positive person, so she is always asking us to stay positive and loving and to have good thoughts,” Sarah added. “My mom is a good cook, so she taught us how to cook. She also has an amazing eye and is very creative and artistic.”

Jimmy and Andrea each have their own strengths, and each of their strengths have been put on full display for their children to learn from.

They both also care so much for other people, and they complement each other very well. At first glance, they are the most unassuming couple, but when you get past the surface, you realize that they are perfect for one another, and it is no wonder their children have always looked up to them as a model couple.

“They’re funny,” Sarah said. “My dad is 6 foot and my mom is 4’11. They are just great with one another. They offset each other.”

Jimmy and Andrea love others, but more importantly, they love each other. They care for one another and they are a couple that should be a benchmark for all couples.

Their kind, caring hearts make them such wonderful people to be around, and there is no question why their kids appreciate them so much.

“They’re loving and they’re kind,” Sarah said. “They’ve got great hearts. They put others first and love helping the community and others, making sure everyone has what they need.”

Selfless people are special, but selfless couples are one-of-a-kind, and their selflessness is one of the many reasons why they are loved by so many, and why Sarah and her brother look up to them every single day.

Happy Anniversary Jimmy and Andrea!a loving couple

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