‘Always An Adventure’: Life with Susan is always fun and adventurous, and she is a great human being

Susan Paley.

When people hear that name, they should think of kindness, love, care, compassion and genuineness.

When they hear that name, people should also think of a supermom and wife who would do anything for the good of her family, as well as the people all around her.

Anyone that knows Susan speaks highly of her, as they realize the amazing personality and character she possesses. Susan lights up any room that she walks in, and she has a family who appreciates her more than she may realize.

“I just love her generosity and warmth,” her husband, Brett, said. “Her ability to make whoever is talking to her feel special and listened to. Her sense of adventure and always wanting to try new things and see new places. The fact that she takes care of herself, stays in good shape and looks great. Her Irish accent of course. Her patience and willingness to help me work through problems. But most of all she’s fun to be with!”

There is no shortage of positive qualities Susan has that her husband speaks highly of, and she is constantly making such a positive impact on so many lives all around her.

One of these instances that lives in infamy in the Paley household is the time Brett ran over their buddy, Peter, while backpacking across different parts of the world. Susan was quick to check on Peter and make sure that he was not hurt, and they wound up inviting him for dinner and offering him to join them on the rest of their backpacking trip, and Peter was part of their wedding.

All of this is to say that Susan has a generosity and a selflessness like no other. She was willing to give up spending time with just Brett to make sure that the man they hurt had everything he needed.

She would truly give her shirt off her back to make sure that someone in need is taken care of, and Brett admires this compassion that his wife shows on a daily basis.

“She has such an unconditional love and understanding of everything,” Brett said. “Her patience and willingness to help solve whatever problem one may bring to her is second-to-none.”

Susan is always willing to drop whatever it is she is doing to help out those around her, and she is someone who is truly willing to put others before herself. It is something that is so admirable, and it is just one of the millions of reasons why Brett falls more and more in love with his wife every single day.

She is always sacrificing for the betterment of others, and people are so appreciative of Susan. She never asks for anything in return, and she does all this while looking good doing it.

“I admire her inner and outer beauty,” Brett said. “Her instinct to always do the right thing. Her incredibly strong moral compass. Her love for me and the children and our pets.”

Susan has unconditional love and will always put her family before all else, and her family is so grateful for such a great role model and someone who has helped lay such a strong foundation for them. From the stories she tells of her father taking her to countless Irish dancing competitions as a young girl to the stories she tells of Peter joining her and Brett on their backpacking trip to the time the love Brett had for her helped him to turn his life around after basically being homeless, Susan’s love, generosity and amazing personality are always prevalent.

Her family cannot imagine what it would be like without her guidance and support, and they are glad that they do not have to think about that. Susan has always been there for them, and she will continue to be there for them until the end of time, and no one is more deserving of being celebrated every day than Susan Paley.

“Susan, I love you deeply and thank you for our wonderful life together,” Brett said. “Our home, kids, pets and adventures. I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled.”always an adventure

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