‘She’s The Boss’: Susan’s relationship with her husband is two-fold, and she is an inspiration to many

For most people, working with the person you care most about is a daunting and grueling task that causes many issues. For Susan Ioannou, however, this is something she has never seemed to have a problem with.

When she and her husband John met over 30 years ago, they were just colleagues who became really good friends. This friendship turned into so much more, as did their working relationship, and they have found a way to make it last all this time, despite what science and the numbers might say.

“We met at IBM, became friends, left IBM, started a company where she worked with me and we have been working together for 27 years, which makes our story very unique,” John said. “I knew she would be my soulmate very early on in our relationship, as it was first built on friendship and then love.”

Many people try to jump into a relationship without really knowing the other person, but that is not what Susan and John did. John waited for the timing to be right to go out with Susan, and he is glad that he did. The years of them being friends helped to build such a strong foundation that led to not only a great personal relationship, but also a great working relationship.

There is an old adage that says you should not date someone you work with, but Susan and John are not a couple who wants to be told what to do.

“In all seriousness, it’s a miracle that they’ve worked together for all these years, day in and day out, in their basement office, and still manage to have a real and fruitful relationship,” their son Michael said. “That takes immense amounts of patience and understanding, despite all the frustrations that naturally can arise between colleagues. It’s truly impressive and awe-inspiring.”

One of the secrets to their successful marriage while building a business together is the fact that John would do anything to make it work. His wife means the absolute world to him, and he would do anything to make her happy.

She has such a great personality and is such an amazing person, and he could not ask for a better business or life partner.

Her character is truly unique and she is someone that people should strive to be like, and John knows that he found himself the greatest catch of them all.

“My wife is an amazing superwoman,” he said. “She is kind, strong, competent, smart and has been my soulmate for 27 years of marriage. We are blessed to have twin 24-year-old sons, and thankfully they take after their mother in smarts and looks! We also have a crazy little French Bulldog named Molly who we adore.”

John and Susan have created an amazing, happy family, and he knows that he could not have done it without her. Susan is such a hardworking individual who is always putting forth maximum effort.

She has so many capabilities, and she is such a great role model for her sons. From her personality to her compassion, Susan is amazing.

“Susan means compassion, kindness, unselfishness, a great friend, sister, mother, daughter and wife,” John said. “We are blessed to have her in our lives.”

There is not a positive quality that Susan does not embody to the fullest extent, and John is super grateful that their sons have taken after her. They have learned so many great things from their mom, and they truly model their livelihoods after her.

“My mom is the most generous, thoughtful, selfless person in my life,” her son Christopher said. “She’s my ultimate role model. If I can have just a fraction of her grace and kindness, I’ll have lived a good life.”

she's the boss

There are not too many people in this world quite like Susan, but people like her truly help make this world a better place.

She is truly loving and compassionate, and she has always made sure that her family has everything that they need. She is a supporter, and she exudes love every single second of every single day.

“Ultimately, my mom is a caregiver,” Christopher said. “Almost every week she drives three hours to aid my grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s. She is always there for my dad, my brother and myself. She is a dedicated friend. As I’ve entered adulthood, I’ve learned to emulate my mom in prioritizing the relationships in my life. It’s not always easy, which makes me marvel at her selflessness and thoughtfulness. I’m forever grateful.”

The ability to be completely selfless and sacrificial is a tall task, but it is one that Susan takes on with excellence every day.

She knows what it means to lay one’s life down for another, because that is what she is constantly doing day-in and day-out.

People can learn so many things just by being in Susan’s presence, and having her around makes any room ten times better to be in.

“Without my mom, I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today,” Michael said. “I’d be lucky to be alive, and I’m only half joking. She’s done so much to provide for us over the years, from friendly advice, to cooking, to making sure our heads are screwed on right when we leave the house. If I tried to repay her for everything she’s done, I would have to be the richest person on Earth, and even then it wouldn’t be enough. She has helped keep me grounded and sane through good times and bad, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Susan’s family is forever grateful for all she has done for them, and they could not imagine a better wife or mother to help them through this task we call life.

She is always there for other people and is always looking out for the good of those around her, and she is truly appreciated.

People that know Susan are better off because of this, and they realize how lucky and blessed they are. She is such a kind soul and an amazing spirit, and she deserves to be loved and celebrated every day.

“You are my everything,” John said. “My world that I can’t function without. I love you and our children from here to the stars and back.“

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