‘The Best Granna’: Linda is a loving and compassionate mom and grandma who makes an impact in the lives of many

There has not been a day that has gone by that Matthew has not recognized the loving capabilities that his mom, Linda, possesses.

She is arguably the most caring person he has ever met, and she is someone who works hard and truly puts others first.

From the days that she has worked as a Lutheran school teacher, to the days she pursued her master’s degree in Reading with an endorsement in Learning Disabilities, to the moment she became known as “Granna,” the true care and compassion Linda has for people, especially children, has always been noticed.

“I admire her passion for teaching children to be prepared for the future, which has translated to her personal life in raising four – now adult – kids,” her son, Matthew, said.

There is just something about children that brings Linda purpose, and she has always been dedicated to the students she has taught. She has never shied away from a challenge, hence her getting a master’s degree with a focus on learning disabilities while still teaching, and she has always kicked butt in whatever she has done.

She is now the proud grandmother of Matthew’s two daughters, Charlotte and Harper, and she is the most loving “Granna” either of those girls could ever ask for.

She truly is the best grandmother, and she is always going to be there for her grandchildren when they need it.

“She is well prepared when she comes to town for a visit,” Matthew said. “She always has a bag full of books to read before nap and bedtime, in addition to multiple crafts that are relevant to the upcoming holidays and interests of Charlotte.”

She is making memories for Harper and Charlotte at a very early age, and Matthew knows that as the girls grow older, they are going to appreciate it more and more as they start to understand how loving of a grandmother Linda is.

Whether it be crafting a pumpkin or noisemakers and party hats, or whether it be the Minion party Granna held for her third birthday, Charlotte is already loving every moment she gets to spend with Granna, and her face always lights up when she sees Linda come to their home.

“Charlotte loves all of the books that they read, especially the ‘silly’ books,’” Matthew said. “Charlotte specifically remembers and continues to reference the book called ‘Don’t Push the Button!’ and jokingly yells at Granna by saying, “DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON!” well after they have read the book earlier that day.”

These memories are irreplaceable ones that are going to always be remembered by her granddaughters, and Matthew knows that his mother is going to be such a great role model for his daughters as they grow up.

They are all truly blessed to have such a loving mom and grandmother, and they do not know what they would do without her. Linda is the glue of the family, and she is appreciated by all.

“She is a loved and appreciated Granna and Mom to the entire family.”the best granna

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