An Exemplary Mother: Rhea is a hardworking mother who leads by example, and her kids are much better off for it

Rhea Lwin is an amazing mother who has a love for handmade, personalized cards from her family for Mother’s Day.

Her husband, Calvin, thought she deserved a little more this year, and he is certainly right.

After hearing about the endless sacrifices Rhea has made day in and day out for her children, you come to understand just how amazing a mother she really is. She has such a heart and such compassion for her children, and there are no heights too high that she cannot climb to make sure her children remain the number one priority in her life.

“She was very successful in the corporate world for a while, but she stepped back to be an amazing stay-at-home mom,” Calvin said. “Raising our two kids was challenging at times, but she established a special bond with them and there are so many special memories that she helped create. She joined play groups, volunteered in their classes, took them on fun day trips, helped coach my daughter’s Destination Imagine team and so much more.”

After a while of being a stay-at-home mom and the kids getting older, she was ready to join the workforce again and take on the next challenge. She didn’t want to join the corporate world again so she took a leap of faith and jumped into creating her own small business, and a highly successful one at that. 

But more importantly, Rhea’s kids have had the privilege of seeing their mom in action on a daily basis, so they have been seeing her follow her passion and learning what it takes to create a strong business along the way.

“As a business owner, they get to see her in a different light,” Calvin said. “It’s been a really cool experience for our kids, showing them ‘I have a dream and want to create this amazing business. It’s hard work, and she is showing them all sides of the business spectrum.”

Running a business is certainly never easy, but Rhea has a keen ability to make it look that way. It helps that she has the right personality to run the business, and it is clear she was made to be a business owner too.

“She always dreamed of doing her own thing,” Calvin said. “It was a big risk and she put herself out there. But, when she’s working and in front of people, she shines.”

Calvin said on top of it all, his wife runs her business with honesty and integrity, and all her staff members love working and learning from her. She runs On Pointe Dancewear, a ballet boutique and premiere pointe shoe fitting destination, and she has quickly become very well-known in the Pacific Northwest and around the country.

Now that’s what we call successful!

And more than just being an awesome mother and a successful business owner, she is a great partner with her husband. They love to travel and see the world together, are always there for one another, and he is truly grateful for her.

“Her personality with her family is that she is open and honest with us,” Calvin said. “When she opens up to methe kids hear how we work through things together, which I believe is a great example for the kids of how a healthy and respectful relationship works.     

They complement each other very well, and the fact that Rhea always rises up to overcome any challenge is what helps make her good at everything she does.

She is appreciated by all, especially by Calvin and their kids, Carissa and Trevor, and they all know Rhea is always going to be there for them.

“I want her to always remember how much her kids and I love her and support her,” Calvin said. “She has done such an amazing job raising our family and in taking a leap of faith to start her own business, pouring her blood, sweat and tears into building the business to where it has become a tremendous success.”an exemplary mother

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