‘Amazing Mother’: Norma is special in so many aspects, and her family loves and cherishes her for a reason

There is nothing that can replace the love a mother has for her children.

And for Terry and his siblings (aka The Five Terrible T’s), the love their mother has always had for them is completely irreplaceable.

Norma Willis was born in Fremont, Ohio, along with her two siblings, but the amount of love Norma has in her heart spreads far past the little Sandusky County city. And we are not just saying that because Norma has family all over the US. We say that because she has an exuberant amount of love in her heart.

“My mom always cared more for us kids than herself,” Terry said. “She was a stay-at-home mom until all five of us kids were out of school. She is always nurturing, even now with her grandkids and great grandkids.”

Norma would do anything for her children, and getting to raise them from home was something she absolutely loved. And they certainly appreciated it as well. She was always there for them, and she still is.

Now she gets to not only shower her five children with care and compassion, but she gets to spoil her many grandchildren and great grandchildren with that same care and compassion.

The kids all love spending time with Norma, and that is because of how wonderful a person she is. She loves cooking, traveling, adventuring, traditions and she has a family first mentality.

“I admire how loving and caring she is about all of her family,” Terry said. “She has a big heart! She would give up anything she has to a family member and go without so that they would have what they wanted but not necessarily needed.”

Her caring, selfless heart is just the beginning of Norma’s wonderful personality. She has so many amazing qualities and traits in her arsenal, and it is something everyone around her really appreciates.

“She’s patient. Respectful. Strong. Humble. Empathetic. Authoritative. Supportive.”

And we’re still just getting started. You could fill a whole novel with positive words and phrases to describe Norma and it still would not do her justice.

Norma is just flat out amazing, and it does not take you long to realize why her children and the rest of her family look up to her and appreciate her. Norma is one of a kind and the one person they could not live without.

“I could not imagine who I might be without all the things my mother has taught me,” Terry said. “Not only through her parental skills, but the actions I saw in her everyday life.”

Norma is amazing. Her mothering skills and everything in between are top notch, and people like her are irreplaceable. She is truly second to none, and she is appreciated and respected by all.

“I want to remind her just how much she truly means to me in the way she has shaped my life and continues even into my adult years. She truly is an amazing mother and I just do not share that with her enough!” – Terry

'Amazing Mother’: Norma Willis

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