Amazing wife, mom devoted to caring for others

Maranda Robinson is an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to helping her friends, family, and those in need. 

She is always working to better the lives of other people, whether its volunteering at her church or at her job as an academic lead teacher for a post high school special needs transition program. 

“As a virtuous woman who respects God, Maranda is a role model to young women without the need or hope for recognition,” her husband, Taylor, adding, “Even though she has an incredible work ethic and excels at her job, her first priority is her family.”

The couple met while they were both teaching classes at a church summer volunteering program. Taylor said their first date was at Le’ Pam’s House of Creole for lunch and moved on to seeing Jack Sparrow in Dead Men Tell No Tales, adding that they both didn’t want the day to end.

“We both were looking to date with the goal of marriage,” Taylor said. “I knew she was ‘the one’ when she asked me if I was 100 percent committed to my Christianity.”

Taylor drove four hours to Irving, Texas to propose to Maranda while she was at a summer teaching conference. He scheduled a romantic gondola boat ride, but the whole time leading up to it, Maranda was very upset with him for showing up unplanned and interrupting plans that she had with co-workers. 

“Fortunately for him, she said, ‘yes,’ and four years later I’m so glad I pushed through her frustration that day and proposed,” Taylor said. 

The pair were married, and they are now new parents to a seven-month-old son named Tayden, who Maranda would do anything for. 

“Maranda is completely devoted to her family and always puts the needs of Tayden above her own,” Taylor said. “She values time spent at home with our son over advancing in her career.” 

Taylor is amazed by Maranda’s openness to share her past struggles and pain, adding that she has never let any obstacle hold her back.  Her life is defined by her smile no matter the difficulty in front of her.

Although she loves the joy her job brings her because she gets to help young people, she is very close to her family and values the time she spends with them. Not just an incredible mom and wife, Maranda is a SUPER AUNTIE, babysitting and volunteering her time to hang with and teach her nieces and nephews.

Taylor said he loves Maranda’s beauty, joy, motherly qualities, and her willingness to put others’ needs ahead of her own.

“She provides me a mirror to myself even though I consistently don’t accept it,” Taylor said. “Maranda inspires me to push for my career and life dreams. She also trusts me to make some financial decisions for our family which certainly motivates me.”

“I know that I have so much room to grow to be the husband I want to be and lead us to the family we want to be, but Maranda remains the only woman in this world worth sacrificing myself for,” Taylor said. “I will love her forever.”

Amazing wife, mom devoted to caring for others

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