‘She’s Our Anchor’: Andrea is the one and only reason the Hartwell house functions as smoothly as it does

If you were to put Andrea Hartwell’s name in the thesaurus, some of the words that would instantly be associated with her name would be endless love, amazing mother, doting wife, selfless daughter and reliant friend.

These are just a few of the many words and phrases that can be used to describe Andrea, as she is someone who just has so much compassion in her heart and would do anything for anyone. She is a mom, first and foremost, however, and her husband Christopher could not imagine anyone better to be raising their two children.

“What makes her a great mom is her dedication to a lot of the small things,” he said. “When the kids want to do something or play something, she is always willing to go along with it. ‘Go get your game, we’ll play,’ she’ll say. There are just a lot of the things she does that I think the kids do appreciate.”

After talking with her kids, it is certainly confirmed that they do appreciate their mom for all she does for them. They love how willing she is to play games with them and spend time with them.

For her daughter Ainsley, she mentioned that she likes to play the Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza card game with her mother, along with baking and cuddling with her. She loves her time with her mommy, and every time Ainsley is with her she has a good time.

“I like to cuddle with her,” Andrea’s son Caleb said. “I like to play with her. I like to do arts and crafts with her. I also like doing workouts with her.”

It is clear both Ainsley and Caleb have different ideas of what is fun, but one thing is for certain, and that is how much they love spending time with their mom. Andrea loves having fun with them and even spoiling them a little, and they will tell you their favorite time of the day is the time they get to spend with mommy.

Andrea has done such a marvelous job raising those two kids, and this is something that is noticed by so many people. Everyone around her notices the bond that Andrea has with her children but, more than that, they see the love that shines on her face every time she is with them.

“She’s just very patient,” her mother Patricia said. “There’s no stopping her when it comes to the kids. They get to do their sports and activities, as she runs around with them. It’s all for them, too. She’s just patient with them, as well as kind and loving. Her time with them is endless; she just gives it all.”

Every moment Andrea spends with Ainsley and Caleb is truly cherished, as there is so much for them to be grateful for about their mom.

She has worked hard to raise them the right way, as well as teach them many things throughout the years.

“She helps me with my homework,” Ainsley said. “She helps do my hair, and she is also helping me with piano/”

“I learned how to tie my shoes from mom,” Caleb added. “I learned how to do workouts with her and how to ride the Peloton. She taught me how to do my ABCs too.”

Andrea makes her kids a priority and she does anything and everything for them, and she is just a great role model for hard work, dedication and always being there for your loved ones.

There is a lot for them to love about their mother, and they are glad they have Andrea in their lives.

“I love that she invites me to go running with her, and that she puts me to bed,” Ainsley said.

We could go on and on about what Andrea means to her kids, but to put it simply, she means everything to them.

She also means everything to her husband, and he is glad that he has her in his life. She makes life a whole lot easier to handle, and she helps make his world run smoother.

“She means the world to me,” Christopher said. “We have a hands down hectic life. She is the anchor, there for us all the time. I couldn’t have found someone better. I don’t know how we could function as a family unit without her.”

Every family has that one person who is the glue that holds it all together, and Christopher is just glad that the Hartwell glue happens to be the matriarch to his kids. Andrea is the reason they are such a loving, happy family, and he could not imagine his life without her.

“They are a very good balance for each other,” Patricia said. “They’re laid back in certain ways. The other is laid back in other ways. They are just a good balance for one another.”

Christopher and Andrea complement each other very well, and that is one of the keys to their marriage as well.

Christopher is just glad that his wife has such an amazing personality, and that she is someone who shows devotion and dedication to everything she does.

“I admire the fact that she gives 100 percent all the time,” he said. “I am not sure where she gets the energy to do everything she does.”

Well, wherever she is getting all that energy from, she should let people in on her secret.

Andrea has always been a hard worker who has no quit in her, and her mother mentioned that she will always remember the days of Andrea balancing two jobs, playing a D1 sport and being a chemistry major all at the same time. She seems to always have it all together, and she is never afraid of a challenge.

“She has taught me that there’s always a way to achieve your goal and to not give up,” Patricia said. “And there’s always a way to make time for the people that matter the most. Even though things are crazy around you, you can manage to make time for others.”

Your job and your personal life should always come second to spending time with the people you love and cherish, and this is something that Andrea has always been able to do.

She has such a balance in life, and being able to juggle it all while being such an amazing wife, mother and everything in between is admirable, and it is something that her family more than appreciates about Andrea.

“She probably does not realize this because we do not say it enough, but we really do appreciate her,” Christopher said on behalf of Andrea’s entire family.she's our anchor

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