Deanna Kaiser

Story by Darrel Kaiser

Deanna Kaiser is the most amazing person I’ve ever met, or ever will meet! She is kind, loving, humble, and above all else – unselfish.

Everything she does is for her family. We began our partnership in marriage and business over 40 years ago. It’s easy to love her for the passion she has for the truths she  believes in and lives every day.  Deanna has set a wonderful example for us all with her love for God and family above all else.

She works hard and prays hard – for everyone in her life. But she also knows how to play hard. When the time is right, she forgets about everything else for a few precious moments and truly enjoys the people she is with.

Her love for others far exceeds the love she has for herself or what she wants. She is so beautiful and yet so humble about it. 

She is our leader but unwilling to accept any credit for it. Deanna has created a successful life for us all by constantly giving the credit to others. She can motivate us in so many ways without us even realizing it! Perhaps it’s because she has set a very high standard for our family by demanding love, truth and unselfishness for us in a way that is so subtle that she doesn’t have to express it, but we all know it’s there.

Deanna has a husband, six children, fourteen grandchildren, seven siblings and many others that she never quits praying for and caring for. Every day she thinks of all of us before giving one thought towards herself and what she needs or wants. Our pain is her pain – only amplified. She gladly accepts out fears and faults and forgives us for them. She searches the heavens for the peace that can set us all free.

We should all pray every day that the love she gives could be equal to the love she gets in return!Deanna kaiser

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