‘She’s Our Why’: Dani is constantly making life more fun for so many people all around her

When some guys talk about their wives, you can just tell there is not a moment in their life that goes by in which they are not truly appreciative of the woman they married.

When you talk to Tim Sams about his wife, Dani, you get the feeling that there is no one on earth he would rather be spending his life with. He loves her unconditionally and knows that she is such a great wife and mother, and he speaks highly of all the amazing qualities she possesses.

“Dani has a kind heart, while simultaneously having tremendous strength and grit,” Tim said. “She loves her family, she adores her three children, is extremely sharp and incredibly talented and well respected professionally. Dani has these amazing brown eyes, a smile that will melt your heart, and a laugh that simply puts everyone in a great mood. Her energy is infectious. She is fiercely loyal and will do anything for a friend or loved one. When someone calls her in need, she acts quickly and moves heaven and earth to help. And on top of all that, she has the unique ability to make absolutely any occasion…. a party.”

When you hear Tim describe his wife, you cannot help but tear up a little. The appreciation he has for her runs far and wide, and he knows that people like her are one in a billion.

One thing about Dani that stands out above most others is her family first mentality. She would do anything and everything for her family, especially her three kids, and she is always there for them no matter when they need her help.

“I admire her strength,” Tim said. “Her love for her family. Her deep desire to help people. Her energy. Her curiosity and dedication to traveling, enjoying live music and acquiring EXPERIENCES rather than THINGS. I love the way she laughs so hard that she cries!!!!!”

Tim harped on the fact that his wife is more inclined to acquire experiences rather than things, and this is one of the many reasons why she is such a great mother. She is always encouraging Charli, RyTi and Anthony to do the same.

Something Dani has learned throughout life is that things come and go, but when you explore and experience, that is something you will take with you forever. Material possessions are fine and dandy, but they do not last like experiences and memories do, and this is just one of the many things that she teaches her children day in and day out.

“She inspires the kids and me to be better every day,” Tim said. “She makes us want to be the best version of ourselves.”

This starts with knowing and understanding how to live your best life, and it ends with knowing how to treat others, and those two things – along with everything in between – are what she will always make sure her kids prioritize above all else.

“​​What makes her a great wife and mom is her abundant compassion, her love, her amazing energy and her attitude.”

Her children always come first, and on top of being their number one supporter, Dani is the type of mother that many people aspire to be like.

Overall, Dani is a loving soul who has a sense of selflessness that is second to none, and her prioritization of experiences over materialistic things is just a small part of what makes her, her.

It is no wonder Tim speaks so highly of his wife and is more than grateful to call her his soulmate and best friend.

“We love you and words can’t express how much we appreciate everything you do for our family. The best is ahead. You truly are our WHY!” – Tim, Charli, RyTi and Anthonyshe's our why

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