‘We Love Her Just The Way She Is’

Colin Husted loves and appreciates his wife, plain and simple.

His wife, Rachel, is a very loving and caring individual who would do anything and everything to make sure those around her are taken care of. At the same time, she is someone who is not afraid to stick out a little. If you bring up a particular topic, nine times out of ten she will bring up a counterargument to that topic to help bring about a different perspective.

That’s just one of the many things that makes Rachel special, though, as she is just someone who likes to see things in a different light. She is also someone who is altruistic and ultra caring for the people in her life that mean the most to her.

“She keeps me on track,” Colin said. “She’s just a true leader. She always knows what’s best. She’s a light. Anyone who meets her is really just drawn to her, and I’m really intrigued by how she is always making the right decisions. It would be a different story had she not come into my life.”

Rachel has a keen ability to bring out the best in everyone, and more than that she wants what is best for everyone. She wants to see people succeed and make the right choices in life, and she is always willing to give people a second chance.

Rachel is a beloved wife and friend to many, but more importantly she is an awesome mother who is the ultimate provider for Jayden, Kent and Lily. She can be tough loving without being tough loving, but above all else she wants to make sure they always have everything they need.

“She’s firm, but she’s also really soft,” Colin said. “When she means something, she means it. She’s very caring and very thoughtful. Rachel knows how to give comfort when it’s time and she knows how to be stern when it’s time. She’s got it all together as a mom.”

As a mom, Rachel is all about balance. She has found the balance of when her kids need to be shown nothing but love, but also when they need to be shown some discipline. She is the ultimate matriarch who is working on bringing them up the right way, and Colin knows they will grow up to be amazing people because of who their mom is.

Rachel has always been their number one support system and has always been a provider and a nurturer as well, and she is always making sure that their kids are shown an unending amount of compassion and love.

“She’s giving to our kids,” Colin said. “She has a hard time saying no, which helps to balance me out because I have a hard time saying yes. Our kids are very fortunate to have a mom who always provides, who is very caring and who is very thoughtful. She did not grow up with a lot, so she wants to amplify that.”

Rachel did not have the easiest childhood growing up, and she has always made it a priority that her children would not deal with the same thing. She has done an amazing job with making sure of this, and she is raising them with morals and values that she believes in.

Rachel is just an amazing human being overall, as her love and compassion spreads far beyond just the children at home. She is a selfless individual who is always giving to others.

“She is kind, giving and smart,” Colin said. “She’s a good role model for everyone she meets. She’s someone everyone can look up to. Her smile also sticks out to me.”

Rachel is a great role model, and this certainly helps her in being a successful business owner as well. People look up to her and know they can count on her at all times, but they also know that she is not going to deal with all the nonsense that customers may try to put her through.

She’s a no nonsense type of girl when it comes to business,” Colin said. “She’s goal-driven and organized. Rachel’s very firm in her values and her ways too. If you’re good at your job, she’ll be your best friend. If you aren’t, she won’t give you many chances. She’s just a no nonsense business owner that will demand respect from everyone; she’s really good at commanding respect.”

As a business owner, Rachel wants people to respect her and the decisions she makes.

As a family woman, Rachel wants people to respect her for how she raises her children and how supportive she is as a wife.

She commands it and people give it to her, as she is such an appreciated woman who people admire and look up to, and her husband and kids are beyond grateful to have Rachel in their lives 24/7. And Colin cannot wait to get lost swimming in her beautiful blue, ocean-like eyes every day for the rest of their lives.

“I just want to remind her that I love everything about her,” Colin said. “And I will always accept who she is as she is at all times.”we love her just the way she is

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