Tough & Resilient: Hetal’s vulnerability is something that makes her a one of a kind woman

There is something to be said about a mother who is full of strong-will, determination and perseverance.

That is exactly who Hetal Shah is. She went through a long and tough journey to have her daughter Aria, and her husband Anjan is so proud of her for the strength and resilience Hetal has shown. Hetal went through so much, from IVF to postpartum depression, but she has somehow endured it all and does not complain about it.

“One of the things I truly admire is her willingness to be open and vulnerable,” Anjan said. “From something small that’s been bothering her like a stressor at work, all the way to sharing her feelings and emotions during some of the darkest days when we were trying to conceive naturally, and ultimately failing at it… It takes a lot of courage to discuss any sad emotions, but even more so for such sensitive topics. She carried this attitude forward into her postpartum stage and it helped me to help her get through it.”

Being open about your feelings and what you are going through is important, and the fact that Hetal is so open about hers helps make her the amazing person that she is. She is open and honest, and that is not something you see every day.

On top of her vulnerability, Hetal is an amazing mother. She shows each and every day why she went to the lengths she did to have a child, and Anjan knows his wife is an extremely loving and compassionate mom.

“Hetal is so incredibly loving to our daughter Aria,” Anjan said. “She stayed home for eight months from work to care for her day in and day out, even though she was missing the adult interactions of the workplace environment. During the last five months of her leave, my wife solely took care of Aria, as I had returned to work after the third month.”

And the bond between Hetal and Aria has grown stronger with time.

“You can see the strength in their bond every day,” said Anjan. “Now that Hetal is back at work, she rushes out of work every day to catch the three connecting trains to get home from New York City before bath time. Meanwhile, Aria wakes up smiling at her mom every morning and anxiously looks around for her mother every evening after dinner and has the biggest one-toothed smile waiting for her mother when she gets home.”

Hetal cares about her baby girl so much, and she would not let anything happen to her.

Hetal is a great friend to many as well, as she cares so much about the people all around her, which is why it really comes as no surprise that she is an extremely loving and devoted mother.

Hetal’s personality as a whole is something to admire, as there is so much to be said about the amazing person she is.

“My wife, Hetal, is an extremely independent woman and one of the most selfless people I know,” Anjan said. “Those are the biggest qualities that attracted me to her.”

Hetal is selfless indeed, as she has chosen a career in law that is far from the corporate world. She has dedicated her career thus far working at the NYC Administration for Children’s Services in Brooklyn to do right by the children that are abused physically, mentally and emotionally on a daily basis.

Anjan continues to describe his wife as “flawlessly beautiful, inside and out. Hetal is extremely outgoing and has made me an extrovert over the years that we have been together. In addition, she loves sports, especially football (she’s a HUGE eagles fan). Moreover, she is a strong woman, both physically and mentally. Hetal never complains and can power through even the toughest of migraines after a long day of work, all while caring for our daughter.”

Hetal is attractive, she has a big heart, and she loves sports. That is a great combination that any man is bound to be drawn to in his woman, and that is just a small part of why Anjan loves Hetal as much as he does.

“This has highlighted for me just how important you are in mine and Aria’s life. I hope I did you justice in describing how amazing and selfless you truly are. Our lives are better with you in it, and I honestly believe the world is too! After all these years, I continue to discover deeper layers to you and us, and I can’t wait to uncover more about our family as we grow and experience life together. Happy 35th Birthday, and many more to come!” – Anjan


Tough & Resilient: Hetal Shah

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