An Impactful Legacy: When it’s all said and done, Pattie Lukes’ legacy is going to be something that everyone in her family is going to always hold on to

There are families who are close, and then there are families who are tight-knit like Pattie Lukes family.

When you talk to anyone in her family, they will tell you how much of a driving force Pattie is in making the Lukes clan family-first. She loves her family more than anything, and she is truly admired by everyone… especially her husband Michael.

“It might sound corny, but Pattie completes me as a person, husband and father,” he said. “I would be pretty lost without Pattie, and I lean on her daily for all kinds of guidance – emotional guidance, guidance in choices and decisions and more. I think I would be an introvert and not see the light of day without my wife.”

Pattie brings out the best in her husband, but that is only just the beginning of who she is. Her siblings feel the same way about her, as they feel blessed to have grown up with such an amazing sister by their side.

“My sister Pattie is the one Hallmark writes their cards about,” her sister Marylyn said.  “We have been together through thick and thin, shared joys and heartbreak and hard times. We raised our kids together and enjoyed our grandkids together and celebrated holidays together. I frankly can’t imagine my life without her. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her for my sister and friend.”

Pattie is more than just a sister to her siblings, but she is their best friend, and when you get to know her it is easy to see why. From her personality to the support she shows each and every person around her, Pattie is a truly one-of-a-kind person.

“Pattie is more than a sister to me… she’s more of a superhero! She always contributes with nice compliments and always brightens someone’s day,” Pattie’s brother Mark said. “Pattie’s beautiful spirit can’t be denied and I’m so proud to have her in my life.”

When Mark thinks about his sister, he thinks of someone who has changed his life in the best way possible, and he also thinks about someone who is a hero to so many people all around her.

Pattie is also someone who is looked up to by her own children and grandchildren, and she is something of a role model to them. They know that she has always made an impact in their lives, and they are more than thankful for that.

“She is the chief of an amazing tribe that she formed and has taken care of for a lifetime,” her oldest son Jason said. “She is the truest meaning of heart and soul. She never judges or looks down on anyone, and she’s always there for her tribe and is always there for anyone. Her smile makes the clouds part and the sun shine bright on all. She is just a loving and caring and nurturing woman.”

From her smile that lights up any room to her ability to always put others first, Pattie is a woman that anyone should want to be around. She brings so much joy and laughter into this world, and she is never going to make anyone feel less than.

She means so much to each and every one of her family members, and none of them have one negative thing to say about Pattie.

“Our grandma means a lot to us,” Jessica and Jeramy’s son Tanner said. “She is someone who always has a bright smile on her face and can make anyone’s day better. She is one of the most caring and selfless persons we know. She would do anything for anyone. She always makes us laugh sometimes without trying. She is always ready to go and have fun with us, no matter if it’s playing down stairs, going golfing or just watching movies.”

Her grandchildren love being around Pattie so much, and they certainly cherish every moment they get to spend with her. They know that she is someone who is always there for anyone, and they want her to know that her true compassion and genuineness does not go unnoticed.

“As Tanner said, if something does not go as planned, she always finds a way to make the situation better! As for myself, as I have gotten older, Grandma has given me some good advice on boys and how to be a strong, caring woman just like herself,” Tanner’s sister Ellie said. “Grandma is always our number one fan and supports us, which is something we cherish a lot. We love seeing her and Poppy on the sideline of our games, and we can always hear them cheering us on! Our Grandma Pattie means so much to us and we love her to the moon and back!”

Talk about having a strong impact on your grandkids! They all look up to Grandma Pattie and know that she has a gracious heart.

“A mother/grandmother is the only person on earth who can divide her love between 10 children and grandchildren and each child still receive her love,” Jeramy, the youngest son, said. “The best things in life are free – like the love from your mother.”

Pattie has plenty of love to go around, and this is made prevalent by her showing each child and grandchild in her life the individuality they deserve. While she loves them all the same, she also knows that they are each their own person, and she spreads the same amount of love and joy to each of them.

She also has a model marriage to her husband, and it is something that Michael’s siblings are very appreciative of.

“Pattie and Mike are a great team,” Michael’s sister Janine said. “From the outdoors in Idaho to the beaches of Hawaii, they complement each other in the best of ways. They are the best, most dedicated grandparents and the most fun aunt and uncle I know!”

Michael and Pattie are made for each other, and it is clear that their marriage was built on nothing but true love and a strong foundation. There are so many people who look up to them when trying to build relationships of their own, and that speaks true volumes to who they are as people.

“They have a special bond built on a positive and loving foundation,” Michael’s brother George said. “They laugh a lot and provide a great safe place for each other.”

an impactful legacyWhile most people will tell you it takes two people for a marriage to work, Michael will tell you that it is pretty easy when you are married to someone like Pattie. She is so easy to love because of how amazing a person she is, and of course by the way she treats everyone.

“She is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever met, and everyone who meets her can see that,” Jason’s son Logan said.

“Aunt Pattie is a ray of sunshine,” her niece Amanda added. “Her kindness is endless and means the world to those around her. She is the glue that keeps our family close, and I am forever grateful to be her niece. They say you don’t get to pick your family, but if I did, I still pick you every time.”

Every one of Pattie’s friends have picked her because of her kindness and her care for others, and every one of her family members is grateful that they were ingrained as her family by being born into it.

“What makes her good to others is her unconditional love and the ability to see through the bullshit! She gives good advice without judgment! I wish we had more people like my aunt on this planet,” her niece Sarah said.

If the world was full of Pattie Lukes, it would be a much better place. She has had such an impact and has made such a difference in her family’s lives, and it is no wonder they all have such fond memories with Pattie.

“While the kids have grown up, their time spent with Pattie will be cherished forever,” Jeramy’s wife Jessica said. “They looked forward to the next fun adventure they were going to have, whether that be building a fort with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals, snuggling in to read books or spending time at the zoo. Heading to the pool, the movies or the park, they loved to just spend time laughing and being together, doing whatever the day brought will be treasured always.”

There are endless memories with Pattie that it is difficult to pinpoint one specific memory that was any of the grandkids’ favorites, but they definitely all tried to narrow it down to one specific memory.

“It’s hard to pick an exact favorite because all of my best memories are with my grandma, but one of my favorites would be going to the zoo all the time as a kid and just spending the entire day with her,” Jason’s son Hunter said. “Or going to Yellowstone every year since I can remember.”

“My favorite memories with my grandma are our trips to Hawaii,” Jason’s son Aidan said. “We all had such a great time and I only remember good and fun memories.”

Memories were not far and few between when growing up with Grandma Pattie, and the grandkids know that the number of memories will just continue to increase over time.

They also know that the life lessons they get to learn from Pattie will increase exponentially, and they are grateful for all they have learned from her.

“I have learned how to listen, be more patient – especially when Keshia was young – about unconditional love, that family is everything no matter what is happening and to be available, to listen more and how to grow succulents,” Michael’s sister Cathey said. “Also, how much she loves it when I bake mom’s bread and make extra Magic Bars at Christmas.”

Talk about a legacy.

When people continue to look back and reflect on the amazing person Pattie has been and will continue to be, they will think about all of the great things she has taught them over the years, as well as how much she has loved everyone she has ever known.

Pattie is an amazing person, and there are not enough words on a page to truly encapsulate everything about her.

“My message to Pattie: ‘There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family,’” her best friend Nancy said. “I am so grateful for the friendship I have had with you!”

“I want Pattie to know that from the day I set eyes on her, I fell hopelessly in love with her – and still am!  It’s kind of funny – I told my friends that I was going to marry that girl, and she told her friends that she wanted me to ask her out on a second date so that she could ‘dump’ me – boy did I have my work cut out for me!  

“I want Pattie to never change – keep loving unconditionally, keep holding our family together and keep being the strongest person in our family!” – Michael

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