‘Angel On Earth’: It is easy to see why O’Shay calls his wife his ‘Earth Angel’

When Sue’s husband and sons talk about her, they talk about how much they appreciate her and how they cannot live without her.

Sue is such a loving, wholesome individual who is always there for others and who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone around her is treated with dignity and respect.

At the same time, she is also a family-focused individual who would do anything and everything for her husband and sons, and they know that she is always going to be there for them.

“She’s my world,” her husband O’Shay said. “She’s my best friend and my better half. She means everything to me.”

O’Shay loves his wife so much, and rightfully so. She is such an amazing woman who helps make the world a better place, and she is someone who her family can always count on.

“My mom is a very kind and friendly person that isn’t afraid to speak her mind,” Sue’s son Peyton said. “She is very loving and generous to those she is close to, and is always there to offer support in whatever she can. She is very adventurous and loves to go out to explore, travel and do crazy things most people would be too scared to do.”

Sue has a fun-loving, on-the-edge spirit, and she loves doing things that most other people would not even begin to imagine doing.

She is also someone who is going to give it to you straight, and this played an integral role in how she raised her boys. She was always such a loving, thoughtful mother, but at the same time Sue made sure that they got punished when they needed to get punished. It was not so much of a tough love, but more of a balanced love.

She is like this to this very day, and her boys know they can count on her for anything.

“Sue is always there for the boys,” O’Shay said. “No matter what it is: help with their taxes; job advice; health advice. She’s just there for them with whatever they need.”

Her boys have never taken her for granted, either, as they know how many tireless nights she put into raising them. They are grateful for her, and they could not imagine a better woman to call Mom.

“My mom is everything to me,” Peyton said. “She is the one that has loved me, cared for me and guided me the most out of anybody from the time she gave birth to me to now and so forth. She is always there when I need help and has constantly supported me no matter what I did.”

Sue has always shown her boys endless support and unconditional love, and she has always made sure that she is there for anything they need.

Sue has also taught her boys a world of important things, and these lessons are things they have carried with them throughout the entirety of their lives.

“She has taught me patience, to believe in myself wholeheartedly, what support really feels like, and that love can be tough sometimes, but in the end wins no matter what,” her son Joshua said.

Love trumps all, and this is something that Sue has always taught her boys. What has helped this mentality grow in her mind is her strong Christian values as well. She has a strong relationship with Jesus, and this has helped her learn that everlasting love is one of the most important things to get you through everything in life.

“Faith plays a big role in our lives,” O’Shay said. “Jesus is at the center of our marriage and the center of it all. We use our faith as our compass for our relationship.”

Sue has always stuck by her morals and values, and they have helped shape her into the wife and mother she is to this very day. She is constantly making sure that her family is taken care of, and she shows them the love of Jesus daily.

“I owe a great deal of my life to my mom,” Joshua said. “She has given up a lot of areas in her life to make sure my brother and I grew up knowing the goodness of life and the lessons that come with it. She has been a rock, she loves me to the moon and back, and she supports me. I wouldn’t have anyone else be my mama.”

Joshua, Peyton, O’Shay and a whole lot more people around Sue are grateful for her, and they are glad to have her in their lives.

She brings so much joy, laughter and happiness wherever she goes, and that is why Sue is appreciated beyond words.

“You are the love of my life,” O’Shay said. “I couldn’t have dreamed of a better love. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better woman to spend the rest of my life with. I’m just proud that I get to share you with the world and everyone who loves you. You truly are my ‘EARTH ANGEL.’ Sue Lynn, you truly are my CANDY GIRL, YOU ARE MY WORLD. I love you to the moon and back.”angel on earth

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