Cincinnati Lovin’: Bobbie has always brought her husband so much joy, and getting to live where they both grew up means that much more to them

Some romances can start in your own hometown.

While you hear so many stories about soulmates meeting one another while away at college or after relocating for work, Mark and Bobbie’s romance started in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they both grew up.

“The day we met, I was at my old place of employment, Kroger,” Mark said. “I was talking to a friend and Bobbie came up to me and asked for a ride home, and we have been together since then.”

Mark knew from that moment on that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Bobbie, and he is glad they have had that opportunity.

Bobbie is an awesome lady who is so caring and so loving, and she does anything for anyone. She is a very selfless, genuine individual, and her heart is so big. She is always there for the people who mean the most to her, and everyone who is close with Bobbie knows there is not a moment that goes by where they cannot count on her.

“Bobbie is a very giving person,” Mark said. “She always has everybody’s wellbeing on her mind. She can see a person in need on television and she will want to find a way to help them. Her smile can light up a room, too.”

Bobbie is an account analyst by day, but by night she is someone who is always trying to lend a helping hand.

“I admire her kindness, personality, bad sense of humor, smile and the way she takes way too long to finish her food when we go out to eat,” Mark said.

There is nothing Mark does not love about his wife, and this speaks volumes to who Bobbie is as a person. She has such great character, and she is someone who has a one of a kind personality.

She is also someone who is a wonderful mother to their three children and an awesome grandma to their two grandchildren. She has always been there for Gabrielle, Anna and Marcus, and they know that she will be just as much a role model to her current and future grandchildren as she always has been to the three of them.

“She has always been a caring person,” Mark said. “I have been in law enforcement my entire life and to get through some of those days, all I had to know is I was coming home to a warm smile and a crazy laugh.”

Knowing he got to come home to a loving wife and a devoted mother has always made going to work ten times easier, and Mark is grateful for the ease of mind Bobbie has always brought him.

He has enjoyed the life they have lived together for the past 23-plus years, and he is looking forward to what the future holds in store for them.

From the days of Bobbie telling Mark’s new neighbor they were moving into his apartment to every memory in between, every moment spent with Bobbie is a special one, and it is easy to see why Mark has been in love with her for over two decades.

Getting to celebrate another birthday with his soulmate is something Mark holds near and dear to his heart, and he wants her to remember that he will never stop loving her.

“I will always remember picking you up from Kroger. I thought I was crazy, but now I understand that God brought me back that day because he knew I had found the right person for me.” – Mark

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