‘I Choose To Love You’: Amanda is easy to love in the eyes of her husband, and there is no question as to why

Life has a tendency to throw a lot of curveballs in everyone’s direction.

For Amanda Belcher, she has always been able to knock these curveballs out of the park and deal with all of life’s ups and downs with a lot of grit and a lot of integrity. She is always determined, and she puts this determination on display each and every single day.

“She’s gone from being a single mother of one child, Christian Biegel, to a mother of my children, Connor and Anthony Belcher, as well,” her husband Mark said. “My wife has taken it up and run with it. She’s just taken over a lot and helps our family function.”

Amanda and Mark have known each other their whole lives, but it was not until more recently that they truly fell in love with one another and got married. When they got married, Amanda went from being a mother of one boy to a mother of three boys, and she shows each of the three of them an endless amount of love and support. What’s more is everyone gets the same amount of time with her, and she makes each of them feel special and loved in their own way.

Mark has been in awe of the way Amanda treats the boys from day one, and he is glad that he gets to walk through life with her and them.

“Eternally, she means the whole world to me,” he said. “She’s kind of the glue and the concrete that keeps everything together. This has been my one true person that I’ve been with that I can say I love her and want to be with her. There’s an unreal love that I have never had before. I’ve also told her things I have never told a soul before because I trust her.”

Trust is key in any relationship, but especially in a healthy marriage. Mark knows that he can count on his wife for anything, whether it be keeping a secret or just being there in his corner.

He has learned more than a thing or two from Amanda over the years as well, and he is just forever grateful for her.

“Patience,” Mark said. “I’ve learned patience from her. In a weird way I’ve learned to look at life a little differently as well. There’s negative things and positive things in life, and she’s taught me to become more positive. I’ve become more relaxed as a man too.”

Mark said that he is the father he is today because of all he has learned from Amanda. She is a great role model who teaches he and the boys all the time, and she shows them what true compassion looks like.

Amanda also shows them how to treat others with respect and fairness, and she is always making sure that she is there for everyone all around her.

“She’s a good people person,” Mark said. “There’s a brightness about her. She can walk into a room and be the attention. She can be friends with anybody. She doesn’t judge people and is all positive about everything thrown her way.”

Amanda is the first to say hi and the last to judge, and that is what makes her so special and unique. There is not a person in this world that she could not be friends with, and she is someone who brightens up every room she walks into.

She is also a very hard worker who juggles work, school, daycare and personal schedules around to make it all work. She has been through a lot, from losing her mother seven years ago after being an only child, to many other circumstances, yet she is somehow able to endure it all.

Mark knows that he found a one in a million girl in Amanda, and he knows that they are meant for each other. He is a much better person because of her, and he is glad that he gets to call her his wife.

“The number one thing, on top of everything else, is making sure she truly knows she is appreciated. Nothing she does ever goes unnoticed. I really take in all that she has been doing and putting on her plate. She is going to get through this, and I am there by her side in everything.

“There is nothing she is going to go through in life where I am not going to be there for her. I want her to know how important she is, not just to me but to the kids and everyone else. I love you, Amanda!” – MarkI choose to love you

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