‘I never knew what love was until I met you’: For Eddie and Christine, it was love at first sight

“Hey, I recognize your voice” was all it took for Eddie and Christine to ignite their love story.

Having their boys play on the same baseball team together, they were aware of one another, yet Eddie never thought he’d have a chance with her. “She was way out of my league, so I never really spoke to her,” he said.

Little did he know, Christine loved watching him leave baseball practices and games on his Harley. Now, she loves getting to spend time with him taking rides on it.

Their story started on May 4th, 2014 at The Field House. When there was only one seat left at the bar Eddie sat down. Christine, sitting to his right immediately recognized his voice as he was talking to a friend.

As soon as she acknowledged this, it was love at first sight.

Soon after, Eddie started going to her house after the boys went to bed and they’d spend countless hours talking and laughing on her back porch.

“I knew we were soulmates very early on,” Eddie said.

For Christine, Eddie fostered her wild side and allowed her to open up to it. During their first motorcycle ride, Eddie loved the way she enjoyed the adventure of it; “the way it felt when she wrapped her arms around me while the wind was blowing through our hair.”

After seeing her open up to this side of adventure, Eddie surprised her with a skydiving trip. Of course, he wasn’t going to participate, so he set it up with her father. To Eddie, it was funny watching Christine’s confusion as he told her she couldn’t have a drink at lunch because, little did she know, she was about to jump out of a plane!

When they arrived at the site, Eddie pointed at the parachutes coming out of the sky to indicate the surprise. With excitement, Christine asked, “with who?!” A little further down the road from the Harley, Eddie pointed to her dad’s car and she was ecstatic.

It was moments like these that Eddie knew Christine was the one.

“From the first moment I laid eyes on her, I dreamed that a woman of her beauty would want to be with a guy like me. Then to actually meet and from our very first conversation, I was like wow is this too good to be true?” Eddie said.

Undoubtedly, Eddie knew that Christine was the one, but he loved getting his best friend’s confirmation as well.

After systematically asking him questions that went through conference to division in an attempt to guess his favorite football team, his best friend Corbin knew that Christine was a keeper.

Early on, Eddie was amazed at Christine’s devotion to their family. She puts the family first and always gives her time to both Eddie and their boys. “She brings out the very best in me and our 3 boys,” Eddie said. “She is supportive and a good listener.”I never knew what love was until I met you

An amazing mom, Christine always makes sacrifices for the boys and she loves Eddie’s son as much as her own.

As a matter of fact, she took the stand during Eddie’s custody trial and single-handedly got them primary custody of Quintynn. “I don’t know if she knows how much I truly appreciated her doing that. She loves all of our boys without conditions. She is always positive and patient. Her patience makes up for my lack thereof,” Eddie said.

With all of them together, Christine made their house a home with her ability to laugh and love unconditionally, and Eddie will forever admire that about her.

Her sheer beauty, the way she strives to be the best mom and wife that she can be, her forgiveness and trust, and the way she accepts everyone just as they are, are just a few of the infinite things that Eddie admires about Christine.

She is also special for loving the time she spends with Eddie. “It’s how we stay connected and happy together… I am her best friend & lover,” Eddie said.

Christine is not only supportive, but she can be strong, independent and romantic all at once. And she elevates Eddie to be a better person every day.

“She always believes in me and supports me; she loves me and accepts me for who I am, and that alone makes me want to be a better person for her. She will give me her advice when I ask even if it’s something I don’t want but need to hear,” Eddie said.

Without Christine, Eddie wouldn’t be the person he is today.

“I never knew what love was until I met you, although I wished we would have met earlier in life. I’m looking forward to experiencing the rest of eternity together. You and Me forever.”-Eddie

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