‘ILY!’: Karen Fleming is loved and appreciated by everyone around her, especially her husband

When you know Karen Fleming, you know exactly where you stand with her.

She is someone who, if she loves and cares about you, you are going to know that she loves and cares about you. This is evidenced alone by the relationship she has with her stepson, Jordan, as she treats him as nothing less than her own. She treats him like he is her own son, and this is something her husband, James, truly admires about her.

She is also a very inclusive woman who wants to make everyone feel welcome, and she does not ever want anyone to feel left out.

“Karen is an amazing person, mother and wife,” James said. “She is ultra thoughtful, loyal and dedicated. She and my ex-wife get along well, which seemingly isn’t common. She’s always made it a point to get along with and include Michelle in important events throughout Jordan’s life. She always remembers important dates and occasions, which is great because that’s an Achilles heel of mine.”

Karen’s genuineness and her care for others is put on full display at all times. She can remember dates that are of importance, and she also is always making sure that people are shown the love and acceptance they deserve.

She is an amazing person and an amazing wife and mother, and James is truly grateful for her with each passing day. He knows that she came into his world and completely changed it for the better, and he is glad he has her in his corner.

“She is the rock of the family,” James said. “She is super understanding and super compassionate to everybody. She is a phenomenal mother who accepted Jordan as her own. I don’t convey my appreciation for her as much as I should.”

One of the things that stands out to James when he talks about his wife is how great of a mother she truly is. Not only is she so loving toward Jordan, who recently entered official adulthood, but she is also so loving and caring toward their daughter Joslyn (5). Being a mother to Joslyn has completely changed Karen’s outlook on everything, and she is always showing that she would do absolutely anything for her.

Joslyn is always the top priority in Karen’s life, and this is something that James really admires about her. He also knows that the way she raises their daughter and with the personality Karen has, it helps her and James be the perfect duo.

“She compliments me extremely well,” he said. “She is above and beyond understanding of my 24/7/365 career. I don’t believe many wives would be to the extent she is. Additionally, she is supportive of a few business ventures I’ve had. She’s very even-tempered. She puts God, family and country into her decisions when applicable. She’s very compassionate toward everyone. She has an exemplary work ethic with a positive attitude. Her faith and bravery ring true, even during the height of the pandemic. Due to us both being classified as essential, our work lives have changed very little. She even facilitated Joslyn to the on-campus daycare provided by Moffitt when her regular one shut down.”

At the end of the day, Karen is always looking out for others, especially her own. She does what it takes to help make her family function, and she brings her morals and values into every decision she makes.

Karen is an extremely loving and compassionate individual who is always willing to help out anyone in need, and she is someone that people know they can always count on. People who know Karen speak very highly of her, and they know that she is a true difference maker in this world.

“She’s passionate and understanding of others,” James said. “She’s also pretty objective but so thoughtful. She’s even-tempered as well. Karen may get mad every once in a blue moon, but she gets mad way less than the average person.”

Chalk that up in the positive quality column for Karen. She is someone who is truly optimistic and stays positive in every situation, so if you happen to make her mad, then you have done something very outlandish.

Karen is also always looking for ways to give back and to give up her time for other people, and one of the ways she does this is by getting involved very heavily in her church.

“She volunteers in the kid’s ministry at church,” James said. “She will volunteer at events for church and for the community in general. She enjoys going to CrossFit, watching football and hockey. She also has interests in wine, food, growing plants, traveling and going to the beach. Karen is extremely family-oriented and really enjoys family gatherings.”ily

When Karen is around other people – particularly family – she is the happiest she can be. She loves the people who she cares about, and she is always looking for ways to spend time with them.

She is a fun-loving individual who loves sports and who loves the finer things in life, although she doesn’t need them to be happy. And any time she can travel with her family, she will do it.

On top of all that, Karen is a very hard worker who is dedicated to her job. She is a supervisor who takes her job very seriously, and she takes care of all of her employees very well. She treats everyone with dignity and respect, and she is very caring.

“They highly adore her there,” James said. “She is compassionate toward everybody. She is also a good communicator and extremely dedicated. Her work ethic is exemplary, and at the end of the day, she is always going to stand up for what she believes in.”

And on top of all the amazing things that have already been mentioned about Karen, it is also worth mentioning that she has a relationship with her parents and sister like no other. They even do FaceTime calls together every day to see one another. Their relationship is something that James really loves about his wife.

She is truly one-of-a-kind, and he is glad that he gets to be married to her, and James loves Karen more than anything in the world.

“I’m not very verbal, and our lives are ultra -hectic, especially with my career, so I don’t do a great job of conveying that I notice and appreciate all the little things she does for our family. Even though it’s not acknowledged a lot, she is immensely appreciated. We end all texts with Ily (I love you), which is something small, but means a lot between us.”

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