‘So Much Love’: Amber Ciccotelli is fun-loving and adventurous as she raises two sons and makes family life unforgettable

From Miller’s Ale House to becoming Mom and Dad, Anthony and Amber Ciccotelli have built a connection that was instant at first and only grew as they and their family did. The way Anthony sees it, he has to give all the credit to his wife, who is a fun-loving friend, a supportive partner and a perfect mother to Anthony (4) and Nico (3 months). Amber makes so much possible for the whole family because she sacrifices readily and stays in constant motion in service of her three boys.

Not only that, but Amber makes life fun and unpredictable with her dueling senses of humor and adventure. In Anthony’s eyes, she is the perfect combination of dependable and fun, making her the most incredible mom and a go-to best friend.

“Amber has so much love for her two children,” Anthony said. “She is also so much fun to be around. She is filled with so much energy and has a ‘crazy’ personality, which makes every interaction an adventure! Amber will keep you on your toes with what she may say or do, which keeps things exciting.”

Amber and Anthony met at the Emergency Department at Virtua Hospital when Amber was a student and he worked in patient transport. They connected for their first date at Miller’s Ale House not long after that, where Anthony said their chemistry was instant, the conversation was natural and the laughs were plenty. Looking back, it was the perfect representation of what their marriage and family look like today.

They can be out as a couple or family, on elaborate vacations to Las Vegas or Mexico, on a short trip to spend a day or two in Atlantic City or even just inside watching movies, and Amber and Anthony can find the fun in whatever they’re doing.

“I knew something was special about her on our first date,” Anthony said. “We spent hours just talking and completely lost track of the time. We had an instant connection. Any time we get to spend alone, we have a lot of fun together.”

There’s also the side of Amber that isn’t afraid to set big goals and grind away toward them. She works by day as a radiology and CT tech and brings big energy home with her to care for her kids and keep trying to take her parenting to the next level. Amber loves to have fun with her family, and she goes the extra mile to read to Anthony and create an unbreakable bond with Nico.

The moral of Amber’s story is that she isn’t ever going to do anything halfway. When she’s at work, she strives to do the best job she possibly can, and Anthony knows that’s doubly true as a mother and wife.

“She has passion and work ethic,” Anthony said. “She can do whatever she focuses on and puts her mind to. Amber has also been a great mother with our son Anthony. She always wants to make art projects or play games with him. She routinely will read him stories and lay with him until he falls asleep at night.

“Since our son Nicolas was born, she has been even more impressive, the way she has juggled caring for both of them. She is Nico’s primary caregiver, spending countless hours with him. She’s a great mother.”

Amber is a great wife, too. And Anthony can’t express enough how free and easy life can feel so often, even through the grind of working, managing their schedules, and managing the challenges of life with a newborn. When it’s time to do the hard work of parenting, Amber is ready, eager and willing. But when it’s time to let loose and create unforgettable experiences for the whole family, she’s there for that, too.

Amber makes her family a warm, loving, fun and adventurous place, and Anthony and the kids can’t thank her enough for it. Life gets busy and crazy and it doesn’t always lend itself to big expressions of gratitude, but Anthony sees what Amber does and feels lucky to have her every single day.

“I want her to know that I love her and will always love her,” Anthony said. “She is my best friend and such a great mother to our two boys. She in a lot of ways holds our family together, and I don’t thank her enough for all that she does for the three of us. She is a special person, and I admire all that she has overcome to become the person she is today.”so much love

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